Aug 19th, event in Second Life, Information Literacy at the IFLA conference

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There will be a one-hour event in Second Life (SL), the virtual world, next Thursday August 19th, starting at 12 noon Second Life time (this is the same as Pacific time in the USA, see for start time in other countries).

Sheila Webber (Sheila Yoshikawa in Second Life) will give a brief report from the World Library and Information (IFLA) main Conference, 11-15 August, and in particular report with material from the pre-conference satellite meeting 8-9th August on *Information Literacy: Context Community Culture* (see the conference blog: )

The *venue* for the discussion on August 19th is Infolit iSchool in Second Life, as part of the Centre for Information Literacy Research discussion series: *Go to*:

In order to participate you need a SL avatar (you can get one free on the SL website and need the SL browser installed on your computer (you download it free from that website).

There will be an exhibit of material from this satellite conference (part of which is shown in the picture) to stimulate discussion. Please come along in particular if you participated in the satellite event or the main conference, to contribute your views!

“Information Services for learners in Second Life”: 7 Dec. noon SL Time

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“Information Services for learners in Second Life”

When: Monday 7 December 2009,  12 noon – 1pm SL time (see for times around the world)

Where: Infolit iSchool in the virtual world, Second Life
(you need a SL avatar and the SL browser installed on your computer to participate)

What: Pancha Enzyme will lead a discussion about providing information services for learners in Second Life. Pancha is a librarian at Edinburgh University and also part of a SL teaching team. She and her colleagues have developed the “IS cream van” as one approach to meeting information needs and questions. She will talk about this (and probably let you see the van!), and we will also be interested in hearing about others’ approaches and ideas.

9-15 November 2009: Information Literacy Week in Second Life

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Monday 9- Sunday 15th November is Information Literacy Week in Second Life, the
virtual world. Events have been organised by people in the USA, Colombia and
the UK.  Note that Second Life time = PDT

You will be able to participate if you have a SL avatar and have the SL browser
installed on your computer.

The website for the event is at and that is
where updates to the programme will be.

The following events are scheduled
———————–Monday November 9th

***Student exhibition of Information Literacy
4-5am SL time (for times in your country/region see

First year BSc Information Management students at the University of Sheffield
display the models of the “SCONUL 7 Pillars of Information Literacy” which they
have adapted with examples from questions to do with Swine Flu.

***Evento en español: Lecciones aprendidas y buenas prácticas en programas de
Alfabetización Informacional-Spanish Event: Lessons learned and best practices
in INFOLIT programs
7-9 am SLT (for times in your country/region see
Se pretende reunir a diferentes profesionales que estén desarrollando programas
de Alfabetización Informacional con el fin de compartir algunas lecciones
aprendidas y buenas prácticas que dichos programas han dejado, y que sirvan de
guía para otros profesionales y programas.
Organized By: Alejandro Uribe Tirado

***ACRL IL in SL Week event
6pm SLT (and ongoing to 15 November) (for times in your country/region see

MLIS students at the University of Hawaii collaborate with Alexandria Knight of
UCLA on an IL exhibit and event at the ACRL site on ALA Island

———————Tuesday 10th November

*** Health Literacy exhibit: launch!
9-10am SLT and then ongoing (for times in your country/region see

Health Literacy is important to help you understand and manage your health care
decisions and needs.
Our interactive exhibit will test your knowledge about stroke (brain attack),
heart attack and some common medical terminology.
Come learn at our Health Literacy exhibit at Health Info Island!
Exhibit organised by Brielle Coronet, Medical Librarian

Ongoing exhibitions:
= = Student exhibitions of Information literacy

————– Wednesday 11th November

***HIV Testing and Information Literacy
9-10am SLT launch and then ongoing (for times in your country/region see
Karuna Island is the Second Life sim devoted to celebrating the lives of those
dealing with HIV/AIDS and making information, support, and creative services
available to them in the SL community. Robin Mochi, Karuna Island Consumer
Health Librarian, has created an interactive mindmap on HIV Testing using the
SCONUL 7 Pillars of Information Literacy.

Ongoing exhibitions:
= = Student exhibitions of Information literacy
= = Health Literacy

————– Thursday 12th November

*** SL orientation for librarians
6.30-8.00 am SLT (for times in your country/region see

New to Second Life? Learn some SL basics in this virtual workshop. It will be
led by Sheila Yoshikawa (Sheila Webber in Real Life, Department of Information
Studies, Sheffield University) and Kitty Mumfuzz (Keri Gray in Real Life, who
runs Weekes Gray Recruitment (
To book a place, please email with your real life and second
life names and you will given the landmark

Ongoing exhibitions:
= = Student exhibitions of Information literacy
= = Health Literacy
= = HIV Testing and Information Literacy

————– Friday 13th November

***Opening of “What it means to me”: an exhibition on the way people think about
information and information literacy
1am-2am SLT then ongoing
This is the opening of an exhibition drawing on quotations about what
informationand information literacy mean to different people. The aim is that
this will be a growing 3D exhibition that will be flown up to a sky platform at
the end of Information Literacy week.

**Information Literacy Panel: “Web 2.0 Approaches to IL”
Noon SLT (for times in your country/region see

Information Literacy Panel produced by MLIS students at the University of
Hawaii. Moderator: (Alexandria Knight) Esther Grassian, UCLA
Panelists: (Sheila Yoshikawa) Sheila Webber, U. Sheffield, Marsha Schnirring
(Buk Binder)

Ongoing exhibitions:
= = Student exhibitions of Information literacy
= = Health Literacy
= = HIV Testing and Information Literacy

————– Saturday 14th November

Ongoing exhibitions:
= = Student exhibitions of Information literacy
= = Health Literacy
= = HIV Testing and Information Literacy
= = What it means to me”: an exhibition on the way people think about
information and information literacy

————– Sunday 15th November

***Information Literacy week: Closing party!
1pm SLT (for times in your country/region see

Come to a party to celebrate the close of the first annual Information Literacy
Week in SL, hosted by Sheila Yoshikawa (Info Lit Island) and Adra Letov, at the
beautiful Jazz Cat.

Teaching & Learning in a 3D Virtual Universe

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You are invited to attend a “Teaching and Learning in a 3D Virtual Universe,” a presentation to the Sloan Consortium International Symposium on Emerging Technology Applications for Online Learning, by Leigh Harris, Distinguished Lecturer, UCLA English Composition and Annelie Rugg, Director, UCLA Center for Digital Humanities.  The presentation will take place in real life (RL) in San Francisco to conference attendees, and in the UCLA Library in Second Life (SL), for anyone interested.

Date:  Thursday,  18 Jun 2009
Time:  3 pm – 3:50 pm SLT/PDT (U.S. Pacific Time)
Location:  UCLA Library in Second Life—RSVP and SL account needed in order to participate
Please RSVP to Esther Grassian to reserve a space and receive the SLURL (SL url).
Second Life basic accounts are free:

Innovate June/July Issue

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_Innovate_ [1] is published bimonthly as a public service by the Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University and is sponsored, in part, by Microsoft.

The June/July issue, guest edited by Steve Bronack, Owen Kelly, and Roni Linser, provides a glimpse of the kinds of engaging, quality teaching, learning, and investigation going on today in the area of virtual worlds, simulations, and education. We begin the issue with a thoughtful exploration by Clark Aldrich that suggests a framework for thinking about virtuality and the place of virtual environments in the learning process. This framework provides a guide for educators considering the bewildering spectrum of virtual worlds, games, and simulations. See [2]

Catheryn Cheal is one such educator; her study hints at the importance of a common understanding of the shared and differentiating attributes of games, virtual worlds, and simulations. Cheal found that her students were frustrated by their virtual world experience in an undergraduate course, in part because they saw Second Life as play. Cheal’s discussion suggests that educators must think carefully about how to use exercises using tools that do not have real-world analogues in their classes. See [3]

Whether your environment is a game, a simulation, or a virtual world, Paul Wallace and James Maryott offer a reminder that the behaviors of learners immersed in such spaces are likely to be motivated by the same beliefs and biases that motivate their real-world behaviors. Wallace and Maryott’s exploratory study of the influence of cultural assumptions and biases on the ways students present themselves as avatars, and how they react to the avatars of others, provides a framework for future research into the human factors that ultimately decide whether this technology is successful. See [4]

Baba Kofi Weusijana, Vanessa Svihla, Drue Gawel, and John Bransford explore how Second Life enables students to understand their own process of learning in ways that are generally inaccessible. Their innovative model uses the virtual world to offer not only a concrete experience to complement an abstract theory under investigation, but also a practical model for using virtual worlds, role play, and simulations to enhance classroom experiences. See [5]

Because Second Life has come to dominate the public understanding of virtuality, it is not surprising that Victoria L. Walker and Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw also use Second Life to provide online counseling students with opportunities for practice. In a domain where many question the legitimacy of human-to-human contact mediated by avatars, Walker and Rockinson-Szapkiw suggest that virtual worlds enable safe, discipline-specific, hands-on practice activities similar to those available to on-campus students. See [6]

While many useful ready-made virtual tools are becoming more available, using them in teaching remains difficult and intimidating for many. Penny de Byl describes the creation of a set of tools that teachers can use without needing special technical expertise, and without simply porting their old pedagogical ideas into a new framework. See [7]

BTW, we are delighted to announce that Innovate is co-sponsoring a virtual worlds workshop led by two of our special issue editors, Stephen Bronack and Owen Kelley, at the WCET annual conference this coming October in Denver. See [8]

In the From Our Sponsor section, I interviewed Ralph Young, Microsoft\’s vice president, worldwide communications sector, about the future of higher education. Young describes the challenges that lie ahead for higher education; discusses the strategies, approaches, and solutions that are being developed across the world; and outlines the role technology will play in the future of higher education. See [9]

We have extended the deadline for our upcoming special issue on the future of the textbook. Submissions will be accepted through July 31, 2009; the projected publication date is December 2009/January 2010.

We hope that you enjoy this issue. Please use the discussion board within each article to raise questions or provide additional commentary. Your comments will be sent to authors for their response, which will become part of the record for their article. Also, please forward this announcement to appropriate mailing lists and to colleagues who want to use IT tools to advance their work and ask your organizational librarian to link to Innovate in their resource section for open-access e-journals.


James L Morrison
Editor-in-Chief, _Innovate_ [10]
Fischler School of Education and Human Services
Nova Southeastern University [11]


Invitation: Repeat of SL DLF Library Tours: Harvard & UCLA

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Once again, as a way of introducing librarians to IL potential in virtual worlds, I’m posting the following announcement.

Anyone interested is invited to a repeat of the second Digital Library Federation (DLF) Member Libraries’ discussion and tours of their Second Life libraries.

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Time: 10 am – 11 am SLT/PDT
Topic: Discussion & tours in Second Life of the Harvard University Library, by
Carrie Kent (Carrie Pennell), and the UCLA Library, by Esther Grassian (Alexandria Knight)

-How we got our small libraries started in SL
-Initial challenges
-Current state
-A look to the future

Basic Second Life accounts are free:

NOTE: Space is limited, so please RSVP for slurl (Second Life url):

April 15th: A Discussion of Libraries, Second Life and Education with Joe Sanchez

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ALA TechSource is proud to present our first virtual world event—a discussion of virtual worlds, libraries and education with Second Life expert Joe Sanchez. Sanchez, a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas, is the author of February’s issue of Library Technology Reports, “Implementing Second Life: Ideas, Challenges and Innovations”.

Please join us on the ALA Island on Wednesday, April 15 at 6:00pm SLT for an exclusive interactive discussion and presentation of his work. We’ll be discussing virtual worlds and their potential to impact library service and freedom of information, as well as Joe’s work with LIS students using Second Life. One of the topics discussed will be role-playing in virtual worlds, so we are asking all participants to come dressed as their favorite historical figure!

About Joe Sanchez

Joe Sanchez is a doctoral candidate in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on collaboration in virtual worlds and the convergence of digital media, play, and learning. Joe has designed and taught two information studies courses, both of which have been covered in national media outlets such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, USA Today, and ABC News. Joe has been teaching in Second Life since the fall of 2006 and was recently awarded the first Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Academic Service Entrepreneur grant for service learning in a virtual world. His homepage is at

Library Technology Reports

Febraury/March 2009

Implementing Second Life: Ideas, Challenges and Innovations

Second Life is a virtual world owned by Linden Lab with over fifteen million users. It is currently one of the most popular 3-D social virtual worlds. The use of Second Life by libraries and universities has become a hotly debated topic in Library and Information Science circles. Early adopters of Second Life have been called evangelists, while nonusers of Second Life have been called Luddites who “don’t get it.” The goal of this report isn’t to feed the fire on either side of the debate, but rather to inform readers about the historical foundations of virtual worlds and to provide concrete examples of how virtual worlds have been used in the teaching and learning process from K–12 through higher education. This report examines the origins and evolution of virtual spaces, and explores several different instances of their practical application in an educational setting.

Virtual Worlds Conference Events April 2 & 3

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Thursday, April 2
UTC 2.112A
Dress – everyday student casual
Hi-tech guru Craig Becker will speak on the IBM’s creation of a
complete Second Life environment behind the IBM firewall.  IBM
leverages the virtual environment for professional purposes, and Craig
is the genius behind it all.

Thursday, April 2
UTC 2.102A
Dress – everyday student casual
Dr. Leslie Jarmon presents a customized demonstration of Second Life
with a short lecture and an interactive discussion with live guests

Friday, April 3
AT&T Center, Room 203
Dress – business casual
Check out the Virtual Worlds Conference Friday schedule for panel
discussions and keynote speeches open to the entire UT community.

Second Life Essentials: How to Use Virtual Worlds in Higher Education, 4/6 Webinar

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This 60-minute webinar will provide you with education and training to utilize Second Life for student and faculty development.

“Second Life Essentials: How to Use Virtual Worlds in Higher Education”
Monday, April 6, 2009 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET

Since becoming one of the most popular virtual world environments, Second Life has been attracting educators from across the globe by offering a variety of developmental opportunities. However, there is still much confusion over the educational benefits and the proper use of Second Life applications. Join us for this 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will learn:

** Methods for taking advantage of the educational uses of Second Life
** Keys creating effective multi-user virtual environments (MUVE s)
** How to develop your own Second Life virtual world presence
** Strategies for simulating activities that enhance student learning
** Types of virtual environments: Their individual strengths and weaknesses

Your Expert Presenter:
Christopher Keesey is The Project Manager for Ohio University Without Boundaries (OUWB). OUWB partners with multiple corporate and non-profit entities to deliver professional and executive training utilizing a learning architecture that combines the power of project-centered action learning with the ease of access of elearning. Current partners of Ohio University Without Boundaries include Sogeti Netherlands (a division of Cap Gemini), Arthur D. Little, World Education, The U.S. State Department, Academy for Educational Development (AED), Chemonics International Inc., The Doctors Company and many others.

** Along with serving current clients and students, Keesey led Ohio University  in 2006 to becoming one of the first universities globally to develop and support a fully functioning 3-D virtual campus in Second Life.

** Keesey and Ohio University Without Boundaries are currently spending much of  their efforts to integrate highly engaging and media rich simulations, virtual environments and games into their programs that can stand-alone or work as a part of a blended format.

** He also consults higher education and industry clients on the design and   implementation of innovative solutions for development and delivery of   technologically mediated learning experiences.

** Keesey worked previously as an independent online promotions consultant. His   work includes projects with Corsis Marketing Technologies (,   Kraftfoods and Schieffelin & Somerset Co.

Hosted by Higher Ed Hero, this webinar gives you the opportunity to add immediate, money-saving impact to your work environment that is:

FAST – No wasted time here. Get right to the heart of the matter with a 1-hour block designed to easily fit into your busy schedule.

CONVENIENT – No airlines. No travel. No time out of the office. Join in from the comfort and convenience of your desk.

EASY – A telephone and computer are all the equipment you need. Just dial in, punch in your access code, log on to the website and you’re in. That’s it.

ACTIONABLE – Our webinars provide money-saving tactics you can start using as soon as you hang up the phone.

IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE LISTENERS – Use a speakerphone and as many people as you want can listen in at no extra cost to you. These sessions are a cost-effective, time-efficient means of training Higher Education professionals and staff, and reinforcing key issues in a fresh, new manner that they will remember and act on.

AFFORDABLE – Priced at $199, a fraction of the cost of travel and attendance fees for a lengthy, high-priced conference or seminar.

** “Second Life Essentials: How to Use Virtual Worlds in Higher Education”
** Live, 60-Minute Webinar **
** Monday, April 6, 2009 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET **

Register now for this exciting event by clicking the following link

You can also register by calling 800-964-6033. When registering by phone please refer to your Priority Code: 79155

As usual we offer a full refund if not satisfied from now until 7 days after the event.

Two upcoming online conferences

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Dear Colleague:

I’m very pleased to call your attention to the lastest online learning opportunities produced by LearningTimes and the Alliance Library System.

It’s a Virtual, Virtual, Virtual, Virtual World…

Join us for two days as we discuss virtual worlds and librarianship. We’ll be convening online on October 1 and 2, 2008 to discuss topics such as:

-Virtual Worlds Development

-Scaling Graduate LIS Instruction in Virtual Environments

-Academic Libraries and Virtual Worlds

-Building a Library Presence in the Virtual World of Second Life

-Creating Educational Tools in Second Life for Libraries

A panel of the conference speakers is also scheduled in which your questions will feature prominently. For more information on this first Virtual Librarian Conference please visit:

Enter Discount Code “vlc25″to save $25 on your registration.


Stepping into Health – October 7th, 2008.

Held entirely in Second Life, we will visit the best and most creative work being done in promoting health and healthcare in a virtual world environment.

Keynote presentations feature Randy Hinrichs and Ramesh Ramloll.

The cost to participate is $79.00. Click this link to To learn more about the online conference and register.

Please write to if you have questions about either event.

We hope to see you there!

John Walber
The LearningTimes Team