Implications of Microaggressions

LLAMA Webinar Explores Implications of Microaggressions

Microaggressions are subtle, denigrating messages delivered to members of marginalized groups, and they can negatively affect an organization’s culture. Experiences of microaggressions can lead individuals to feel increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs, which may result in their physical or psychological departures from their organizations. The Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) and the ALA Office for Diversity will present “Racial and LGBT Microaggressions: An Introduction for Library Leaders,” on Mar. 18, at 1:30 – 3:00 PM (Central time).

This webinar will define microaggressions, cover racial microaggressions and microaggressions toward LGBT people, and discuss how this affects librarians and the potential implications for the future of the profession.

By the end of this webinar participants will:

Understand the concepts of racial and LGBT microaggressions and their potential effects on the profession.
Be able to describe the manifestations of microaggressions in order to recognize when participants or their colleagues may be experiencing these phenomena.
Recognize strategies for addressing microaggressions in order to propose solutions to improve the climate at participants’ institutions.
Presenters: Alanna Aiko Moore, Librarian for Sociology, Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies, University of California, San Diego; Jaena Alabi, English & Psychology Librarian, Auburn University Libraries, Auburn, AL

Fees: LLAMA member $49; Non-LLAMA member $59; LLAMA group rate (5 or more people at one site) $199; Non-LLAMA group rate (5 or more people at one site) $239

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Register with a purchase order or by mail: registration form (PDF, 1 pg.).

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For questions about this webinar or other LLAMA programs, contact Fred Reuland.

Immersion Management Track: Practical Management for the Instruction Coordinator at ACRL

Practical Management Track — March 25, 2015, Portland, OR
Deadline to register: February 20, 2015

Register by February 20 for the Immersion Management Track: Practical Management for the Instruction Coordinator. The Immersion ’15 Practical Management track will be held in conjunction with the ACRL 2015 Conference in Portland on March 25, 2015.

Instruction coordinators are often well-grounded in theory and instruction practice and have some of the tools they need to begin building campus-wide programs. Frequently, however, coordinators or those in similar roles do not supervise the majority of librarians who participate in a library’s instructional program, presenting challenges to the development of innovative and effective programs. This interactive one-day program will address how to lead from within – developing the powers of persuasion to influence in multiple directions. Other topics include creating the right environment for a successful instruction program, understanding a broader campus environment, providing constructive feedback, and coaching for success.

“The Immersion Program gave me plenty of practical ideas to take home. Being in a room of people all facing the same challenges that I’m facing, and all acknowledging that they ARE challenges is invaluable.” ~ 2013 Practical Management Track Participant
Learning Outcomes
After participating in the Immersion ’15 Practical Management track, you will be able to:
Open a discussion with appropriate leadership about your role and responsibilities
Provide influence in multiple directions in order to achieve programmatic goals
Develop a succinct proposal for administrative consideration
Understand the critical elements for creating a desired environment
Understand the potential of information literacy programs in a larger campus context
Complete details about the program and registration materials are available online. Questions about the Immersion Practical Management Program should be directed to Margot Conahan at

MLA trainings

  • Supervision without Micromanagement for Medical Librarians
    Supervision is about eliciting the best from the people who work for you and with you, while achieving the goals of your medical library’s strategic plan. Having to balance the need to oversee both medical library professionals and associates all unique individuals with ensuring that work is completed within accepted parameters is one of the most challenging roles in any workplace. Topics include why supervision is difficult even for competent and experienced professionals, how administrators can create better work environments, the life cycle of an employee from recruitment to departure, the need for documentation, mistakes supervisors make, the use and misuse of positive reinforcement, using assignments and setting career goals, and special situations, such as working with family, friends, students, and inherited problem employees. The class features downloads and “real-life” exercises.
    Instructor: Pat Wagner, Co-owner, Pattern Research, Inc., Denver, CO
    Course dates: Wednesday, August 18–Wednesday, September 29, 2010
    MLA CE Contact Hours: 8
    Level: Intermediate
    Registration fee: $150.00 (MLA members: Talk to Pat! Get 1/3 off the registration fee). ContactPat Wagner directly to register.
  • Strategic Planning: The Five Minute Introduction for Medical Librarians
    Strategic planning is about inventing a new future for your medical library and creating a written plan for coordinating the people and the resources to get there. So how did such a productive activity become as dreaded as root canals and tax audits? The good news: once you remove the organizational jargon, the process can easily be describe in five steps, in five minutes. We take a little longer, but keep it simple, practical, and doable. Topics include: creating a team, a destination and a contract, understanding the five steps: input, leadership, management, tasks (tactics), and feedback, communicating with stakeholders, streamlining the mission and vision process, project management and benchmarks, applying the strategic plan in day-to-day operations, evaluating success, typical mistakes, and what you can do if you have only four hours to plan. Seriously!
    Instructor: Pat Wagner, CO-owner, Pattern Research, Inc., Denver, CO
    Course dates: Wednesday, August 18–Wednesday, September 29, 2010
    MLA CE Contact Hours: 8
    Level: Intermediate
    Registration fee: $150.00 (MLA members: Talk to Pat! Get 1/3 off the registration fee). ContactPat Wagner directly to register.

Seats still available in next week’s TLA webinars

via email

Seats are still available in next week’s TLA webinar on “Basic Supervision: Your First Experience as a Supervisor” (Tuesday, May 11, 2-3pm Central Time).

Whether you are just starting out as a supervisor in a new job, taking over as manager when your manager retires, moving up in your organization from a non-supervisory to a supervisory role, or supervising a new department or a new function in the library – you have your work cut out for you. As you supervise the activities of others – whether they are full, part time, hourly employees or volunteers – you realize you are responsible for identifying work responsibilities, designing new work projects, tracking and assessing work product and performance and providing – by using all appropriate forms of communication – direction and feedback to indicate success and a need for improvement.

The webinar will be taught by Julie Todaro, nationally-known consultant, library dean, and a Past President of TLA (2001) and ACRL (2008). Cost for one person is $45 for TLA members, $55 for non-members, but a group of 5 or more may participate for only $35 each. CE credit is available for all registered participants who attend at least half of the webinar (non-registered people may audit the webinar along with a registered participant, but will not receive CE credit). Contact TLA for details:

Registration and information on other TLA webinars may be found at Participation only requires an Internet-connected computer and a nearby telephone. Instructions for logging into the webinar will be emailed prior to the event.

ACRL/LLAMA Spring Virtual Institute “Doing Well by Doing Good”: Entrepreneurial Leadership for Librarians April 21-22, 2010

The ACRL/LLAMA Spring Virtual Institute will offer a forum for an energizing exchange of ideas focusing on leading and managing libraries and staff in libraries. The conference theme, “Doing Well by Doing Good”: Entrepreneurial Leadership for Librarians, will explore different models and aspects of leadership and management and their impact on academic librarianship in today’s challenged and flat economic environments.

Leadership of academic and research libraries is always challenging, but it is harder than ever to offer effective, excellent patron services when funds for staff, programs, resources, and services are no longer available. Rather than the overly ambitious challenge of “doing more with less” librarians instead are faced with having to make hard decisions that ensure services, resources, and staff can continue the library’s mission.  How do we not only keep up, but also lead the way in an economy in flux?  What contribution can new technologies make to effective management in challenging times? How can we continue to serve as effective mentors and develop leaders for libraries of the future?  What can an entrepreneurial attitude contribute to library leaders’ skills?

The Spring Virtual Institute will be held April 21-22, 2010, and will take place in an online conference community.  The online community provides an environment in which groups of participants, both small and large, can gather electronically to learn, collaborate, and network.  The conference will offer both synchronous and asynchronous sessions and programs will be archived for viewing on-demand for one year after the institute, until April 2011.

Webcasts (Synchronous): Interactive webcasts are offered in real-time, while presenter show visuals such as PowerPoint slides and desktop applications.  Participants can interact with webcast presenters by talking with live audio or typing in questions and comments via the chat box.  The webcast schedule and complete program descriptions are online.

Online Poster Sessions (Asynchronous): An online poster session is PowerPoint presentation that includes voice narration along with each slide.  Poster sessions are asynchronous so you view them on demand, on your own schedule.  The complete poster session descriptions are online.

All tools used as part of the Spring Virtual Institute are designed to work with both PC and Macintosh computers, at dial-up Internet connections or higher.

Registration includes unlimited access to the Spring Virtual Institute archive for one year after the event.  Registration is open through April 19, 2010.

How to Register: Mail or fax the paper Spring Virtual Institute registration form orsubmit your registration online (click the “Register” button next to the Spring Virtual Institute listing).

Registration Fees:
ACRL member $135
LLAMA member $135
ALA Member $185
Nonmember $235
Full-time student, currently enrolled $95
Group registration, 3-5 at one institution $295
Group registration, 6-9 individuals or more at one institution $595
Group registration, 10+ individuals or more at one institution $995
Group registration, additional site license $25

Group rates: The institute will take place in an interactive, online classroom environment with one user/one login. If you select the group rate, one person must register, login, and keyboard during the event. A group registration allows an institution to project the institute to participants in the same location.  You can purchase an additional site license(s) for $25 if you want multiple log-ins for your institution.

Join ACRL today to take advantage of valuable members-only discounts, professional connections, and community.

Cancellation Policy: Refund requests must be submitted in writing prior to April 14, 2010 and are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.  The conference may be cancelled in the case of insufficient registration.

Contact Margot Conahan at or call 312-280-2522.

Assessment and Performance Measurement Forum – Early Bird Registration Discounts Through May 11Assessment and Performance Measurement Forum – Early Bird Registration Discounts Through May 11

NISO will be holding a one day forum on Assessment and Performance Management for Libraries on June 1, 2009 at the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore in Baltimore, MD.

About this Forum

Particularly in times when belt-tightening is necessary, we all need to find ways to measure our performance to improve our outcomes. This one-day, in-person seminar will focus on quantitative measures by which libraries can measure their performance and compare it with others. Usage versus cost measurement, the impact of changing delivery methods, and end-users outcome satisfaction will be explored.


Topics and confirmed speakers are:

** Opening Keynote – Steve Hiller, Director of Assessment and Planning, University of Washington

** Restructuring the New Library to Succeed: Assessment and Performance Measures From a Dean’s Perspective

** Retaining and Cutting: Collections Development in Tight Times

** Considering User Experiences to Assess Services and Facilities at the Library of Virginia – Suzy Szasz Palmer, Director of Research & Information Services, Library of Virginia

** MISO (Merged Information Services Organizations) Survey – David Consiglio, Statistics & Research Methods Support Specialist, Coordinator of Information Services for the Social Sciences and Administration Offices, Bryn Mawr College

** Building Your Own Assessment Plans – Larry White, Assistant Professor and Co-Interim Chair of the Department of Library Science, East Carolina University


Early-Bird registration ends May 11, 2009. Early bird rate is $135 for NISO members, $165 for non-members, and $60 for students.

For more information and to register, visit the event website:

eLearning opportunities from ACRL

Register now for the following eLearning events from ACRL:

Registration has been extended to Monday, November 17 for this Live Webcast!

Influence without Authority
Format:  ACRL Live Webcast
Date:  November 18, 2008 11 a.m Pacific | 12:00 p.m. Mountain | 1:00 p.m. Central | 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Presenter:  Melanie Hawks

Regardless of what position you hold, much of your success in the library profession will depend on your ability to enlist the support of others. How can you influence people even when you don’t have (or don’t want to rely on) formal authority? This webcast will focus on three components that have a major impact on your ability to influence: you, your audience, and your message.

For more information on this event as well as registration, please visit the event page at Registration for this event is limited, so reserve your seat today!

Registration is open for this Live Webcast in December!

Next Generation Information Commons:  Retooling and Refining the Vision
Format:  ACRL Live Webcast
Date:  December 4, 2008 11 a.m Pacific | 12:00 p.m. Mountain | 1:00 p.m. Central | 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Presenter:  Joan K. Lippincott

Some information commons are now more than ten years old and are in need of refreshing in terms of conception, configuration, technologies, and services. Others are so popular that additions are planned, either adjacent to the existing commons, on other floors, or in other buildings on campus. Through the use of principles and practical examples, participants will learn about trends in information and learning commons. A wide variety of photos will be used to illustrate the presentation.

For more information on this event as well as registration, please visit the event page at Registration for this event is limited, so reserve your seat today!