Embedded Librarianship in Online Courses

Embedded Librarianship in Online Courses

Instructor: Mimi O’Malley
Dates: April 1-28, 2014
Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175


Thirty two percent of the approximately 21 million college students were taking at least one online course in 2011 (Allen & Seaman, 2013). Most accrediting agencies stipulate that library services available to on-campus students must be made available to online students. This three week course will discuss ways librarians may embed their skills in the virtual campus through its learning management system through the use of portal tabs, blocks, eReserves, knowledge bases, and student/faculty orientations. Discussion will turn to transferring bibliographic instruction into the online class through the use of team teaching, guest lecturing, and conducting synchronous workshops. The session concludes with an examination of the librarian as both a subject matter liaison and copyright point person during the design and development of online courses. This course is relevant to instruction librarians, outreach librarians, and embedded librarians who seek ways to infuse library resources and services to their growing virtual campuses.

Mimi O’Malley oversees the development and delivery of professional development courses and workshops for higher education faculty members and administrators through The Learning House. Mimi is the author of More than Petticoats: Remarkable Kentucky Women (2012); It Happened in Kentucky (2006; 2011); and more than 50 newspaper and magazine articles. She has taught credit-bearing information literacy courses to undergraduate students as well as presented workshops on online learning topics including faculty assessment, ADA, copyright, and curriculum trends at conferences such as the SLOAN-C, POD’s Pencils and Pixels, and Learning House’s CONNECT Users Conference.

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Inside Embedded Librarianship

I’ll be presenting a webinar, entitled “Inside Embedded Librarianship,” for the SLA Education Division this Friday, Oct. 11, at 1:30 p.m. ET. We’ll review the essential characteristics of embedded librarianship, explore key trends, share practices of successful embedded librarians, and have time left over for questions. It’s free and open to all and there’s still time to register.

Register at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/121949849

–Dave Shumaker
Author: The Embedded Librarian (Information Today, 2012)

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