Fair Use: Guidelines and Best Practices

Fair Use: Guidelines and Best Practices
by Gretchen McCord, attorney and librarian

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
2:30pm Eastern | 1:30pm Central
12:30pm Mountain | 11:30am Pacific


Don’t let restrictive guidelines stifle creativity and research in your library’s community. Become informed of fair-use guidelines for libraries with this workshop by attorney and librarian—Gretchen McCord. You will learn how to empower your patrons with statements of best practices used independently and along with the fair-use guidelines.

Applying Copyright in Online Learning Environments

Applying Copyright in Online Learning Environments
A 90-minute workshop with Gretchen McCord


Wednesday, December 3, 2014
2:30pm Eastern|1:30pm Central
12:30pm Mountain|11:30am Pacific

Online platforms have become the base of operation for instruction for both face-to-face classes and distance education; yet current copyright law does not provide direct guidance on what you can legally upload into your CMS. In this workshop, lawyer and librarian Gretchen McCord will break down the elements of course management system (CMS) use and help you assess risk and analyze copyright law to ensure your CMS is within copyright regulations. She will illuminate facets of copyright law that will help you make informed decisions.

You will learn:

  • How to apply fair use and other copyright exceptions to your decision making
  • How to make sound analogies from court decisions on brick-and-mortar cases
  • How to assess risk when using copyright-protected content

Becoming the Copyright Specialist in Your Library

Becoming the Copyright Specialist in Your Library
with Lesley Ellen Harris

4-week eCourse
Beginning Monday, October 13


Educators, librarians, archivists, and other information professionals are often required to understand international copyright treaties and foreign copyright laws as well as the copyright laws in their own country—at least on a practical level. In this course, Harris will provide you with the knowledge you need to complete daily activities within the confines of copyright law.

After participating in this eCourse, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the copyright issues in your institution
  • Set priorities for your library when it comes to copyright and licensing issues
  • Identify helpful resources on copyright law and licensing

10 Things You Need to Know About Copyright- Free webinar

Register now for the Digital Information Law FREE webinar:

10 Things You Need to Know About Copyright

When:  2:00-3:00 (CDT), Thursday, September 11

Who:  Educators, librarians, creators, and their attorneys

Why:  Copyright is a complex topic, yet being knowledgeable about copyright is increasingly important in our rapidly evolving digital world.  Attend this live online workshop to learn ten things that make copyright make sense!  Knowledge of these ten principles will make the pieces fall into place more smoothly as you continue to learn about and rely on copyright in the future.

Details:  You will receive access instructions upon registration.

RSVP:  Deadline for registration is midnight (CDT), September 10

Register for 10 Things You Need to Know About Copyright, and get more information, at http://bit.ly/Yc9wnr

Call for Proposals: Instructional Technology Council eLearning 201

The College of Southern Nevada will serve as the host institution for the Instructional Technology Council eLearning 2015 Annual Conference.  Participants at the eLearning 2015 Conference will include higher education administrators, instructional designers, and faculty in the field of distance education who will come to Las Vegas from across the country and around the world to exchange techniques for teaching students at a distance, showcase effective distance education delivery methods, and preview various Web- and video-based technology tools for distance education.  Please consider submitting a proposal to present at the  Community College conference. We would love to see a large number of library-related proposals!

Submit a Proposal to Present at eLearning 2015
Submission Deadline: October 3, 2014

We want to learn about the new and innovative educational strategies and technologies you tried that work, and about the successful and tried-and-true techniques you or your staff use to teach at a distance. Have you experienced strategies that did not work out as well as you had hoped? We want to hear about those too!

eLearning 2015 will offer you and your staff pre-conference workshops, keynote speakers, vendors exhibiting the latest eLearning technologies and services, and nearly 60 one-hour concurrent sessions. The meeting space at Planet Hollywood is in a separate area—you would never know it is adjacent to a newly-expanded casino!

Suggested presentation topics include:

— Accessibility and universal design
— Blended and hybrid courses
— BYOD – bring your own device
— Certificate and degree programs
— Competency-based learning
— Continuing education
— Copyright and intellectual property
— Course and learning management systems
— eTextbooks and open education resources
— Gaming
— Learning analytics
— Management and leadership
— Online student support
— academic advising
— library services
— mentoring
— tutoring
— Open education resources
—  Student engagement
— Social Media Tools
— blogs
— Google apps
— Google+
— Facebook
— Twitter

ALCTS Webinar: Copyright Issues for Growing Digital Collections

Wednesday, September 3 , 2014

Sessions begin at 11 am Pacific | 12 Mountain | 1 pm Central | 2 pm Eastern
and last about an hour.

Presenter will share experiences working with a legal services department
at an academic campus. After eighteen months of getting no signed
copyrights transferred to the university from authors and copyright
holders, she was able to convince the legal heads that what was really
needed was a form in which authors and copyright holders would give them
permission to digitize their works to share freely with the world, but
retain their copyright. Once they instituted their own nonexclusive,
royalty-free form, they were able to get permissions to grow their digital
collections by more than eight hundred articles and books. Presenter will
also cover how she located copyright holders and will share the types of
permissions she was successful in obtaining, including heirs, government
research authors, small publishing companies, and individual authors.

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will get a new look at what used to be thought of as a
complicated process. The presenter will present a simplified process, give
good resources, and admit when something is beyond her knowledge or
experience. The best thing is not to be overwhelmed and have fun with the
process. Resources will include websites, electronic discussion lists, and
articles on best practices for universities, historical societies, and

Who Should Attend?

Digital librarians and archivists who work with gifts, copyright, and
digital initiatives.

Course Level & Prerequisites

Beginner and intermediate level; no prerequisites.


Julie Carmen graduated from Emporia State University in 2009 with a
master’s of library science and a graduate-level certificate in archives.
She earned her BA in interdisciplinary studies specializing in science and
music from Saint Mary of the Plains College. Carmen has been self-employed
as a consultant focusing on archives and cataloging and has worked for a
historical society in Colorado and at the Center for Oil Shale Technology
and Research at Colorado School of Mines. Her experience includes archival
and preservation applications to special collections, processing and
cataloging gifts, creating digital files, public outreach for special
collections and archives, copyright adherence for digitization projects,
and the study of digitization policies.


ALCTS Member (individual) . . . $43

Nonmember (individual) . . . $59

International (individual) . . . $43


(Applies to a group of people who will watch the webinar together from one
access point.)

Member group . . . $99

Nonmember group . . . $129

All webinars are recorded and the one-time fee includes unlimited access to
the webinar recording. All registered attendees will receive the link to
the recorded session, so if you are unable to attend the webinar at the
time it is presented, you will have the opportunity to listen to the
recording at your convenience.

How to Register

To register, complete the online registration form

or register by mail

for the session you would like to attend.


For questions about registration, contact ALA Registration by calling
1-800-545-2433 and press 5 or email registration@ala.org. For all other
questions or comments related to the webinars, contact Julie Reese, ALCTS
Events Manager, at 1-800-545-2433, ext. 5034 or jreese@ala.org.

Posted on behalf of the ALCTS Continuing Education Committee.

Demystifying Copyright: How to Educate Your Staff and Community

Demystifying Copyright: How to Educate Your Staff and Community
with Lesley Ellen Harris

4-week eCourse
Beginning Monday, September 8


Protect your institution from cease-and-desist letters, time-draining threats, and lawsuits. Harris, an intellectual property attorney who has trained libraries, museums, and corporations in copyright, will provide you with the basic knowledge of copyright and its best practices. You will be guided step by step through developing a copyright education program for your staff and community.

This course includes the following topics:

Understanding the risks of copyright infringement and how to protect your library from lawsuits
Understanding the need for compliance under U.S. and global copyright law
Evaluating copyright issues in your library
Developing a copyright education plan

Copyright for Teachers and Librarians

Copyright for Teachers and Librarians
with Rebecca P. Butler

4-week facilitated eCourse
Beginning Monday, July 7, 2014


Expert educator Butler will guide you through the specific applications of U.S. copyright law common to workshops, lesson plans, tutorials, and other presentations. You will learn how to assert your “fair use” rights, and also how to efficiently seek permission from rightsholders when necessary. For reference during and after the course, your registration includes the PDF version of Butler’s Copyright for Teachers and Librarians in the 21st Century.

After participating in this eCourse, you will be able to:

Recognize and react to possible copyright restrictions of concern for presenters and teachers
Explain the “fair use doctrine” and the four criteria which determine “fair use”
Interpret copyright law in terms of various presentation media
Obtain permission or licenses to use various copyright-protected media
Navigate and submit internet release forms

Coursera MOOC: Copyright

There will be a free four week course on copyright offered through Duke University using the Coursera platform. (For those interested in taking a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC), this’ll be your chance!). Kevin Smith from Duke University, Anne Gilliland from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and Lisa Macklin from Emory University will be the instructors for the course. It will start on July 21. Kevin writes about the course on his blog as well: