Using Apps to Become a More Productive Professional

Be More Productive!

Using Apps to Become a More Productive Professional
with Rita Gavelis

90-minute workshop
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
2:30 PM Eastern | 1:30 PM Central
12:30 PM Mountain | 11:30 AM Pacific


Handheld devices are not just convenient for reading email, surfing the Internet, and downloading eBooks, they are also powerful tools for performing research and office tasks. In this workshop, Gavelis will demonstrate how tablets and smartphones can function like a desktop or laptop in the library—from searching publications databases to creating and editing documents. Throughout the workshop, you will be introduced to and will explore popular productivity and office applications for creating, editing, and sharing documents, photos, and information. You will also investigate utilities for managing time, projects, and social media content to optimize your time and effectiveness on the go. Though an iPad will be used for demonstration purposes, the content of the workshop is applicable to Android and Windows devices, as well as the higher-end Nook and Kindle Fire Tablets.

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2016 Public Innovators Lab for Libraries

Red Hook Public Library turned to its community for insight and started a transformation in their town, and so can you.
Join ALA and The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation for an intensive training in the “Turning Outward”
approach, specially designed for library professionals, trustees, community partners and supporters.

2016 Public Innovators Lab for Libraries
October 19-21, 2016

Through discussions and hands-on activities, learn to:
tap librarianship’s natural values to contribute to the greater good and bring your community together
explore people’s shared aspirations for your community and help bring them to life
“Turn Outward” and become a steward of public knowledge
convene and lead productive, insightful community conversations
For more information and to register, visit us online.

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Islandora for Managers: Open Source Digital Repository Training

Islandora for Managers: Open Source Digital Repository Training
ALA Annual Conference Ticketed Event

Islandora is an OAIS adherent and open source digital repository framework. It combines the Drupal CMS and Fedora Commons repository software, together with additional open source applications, the framework delivers a wide range of functionality out of the box. The proposed workshop will provide an overview of Islandora, it’s community of users, and allow users to test drive a full Islandora installation using local virtual machines or the online Islandora sandbox.

Friday June 24, 2016, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Presenters: Erin Tripp, Business Development Manager at discoverygarden inc. and Stephen Perkins, Managing Member of Infoset Digital Publishing
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This Islandora for Managers workshop will empower participants to manage digital content in an open source, standards-based, and interoperable repository framework. Islandora combines Drupal, Fedora Commons and Solr software together with additional open source applications. The framework delivers easy-to-configure tools to expose and preserve all types of digital content. The Islandora for Managers workshop will provide an overview of the Islandora software and open source community. It will also feature an interactive ‘how to’ guide for ingesting various types of content, setting permissions, metadata management, configuring discovery, managing embargoes and much more. Participants can choose to follow along using a virtual machine or an online Islandora sandbox.

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Learn to teach online!

How to Run Great Webinars
90-minute workshop facilitated by Dan Freeman
Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
2:30 PM Eastern | 1:30 PM Central
12:30 PM Mountain | 11:30 AM Pacific

No matter what kind of library you work in, you know that librarianship is a profession that requires constant training and constant learning. Webinars—live training sessions conducted online—are an easy and effective way to provide training to people regardless of their physical location.
In this workshop, Dan Freeman, ALA Publishing’s Online Learning Manager, will give you the information you need to run effective, productive webinars that fit your needs and budget.
You’ll learn about topics such as:
Defining webinars and their benefits–comparing online to in-person presentations
Choosing the right webinar platform for your needs and budget
How to shape your content into a great online presentation
Why librarians love webinars–how to make an event ideal for a library audience
Assessing the effectiveness of your online training

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A Textual Analysis of Course Syllabi for Library- and Research-Related Terminology: A Quantitative Approach to Faculty Outreach

Please join us, Thursday April 21st, 2-3 PM EST (1-2PM CST) for the monthly
discussion hosted by the ACRL STS Information Literacy Chat sub-committee!
This month, Sarah Hood (Head Research & Instruction Librarian, J. Drake Edens
Library- Columbia College) will lead our discussion: “A Textual Analysis of
Course Syllabi for Library- and Research-Related Terminology: A Quantitative
Approach to Faculty Outreach”

Discussion Description:

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then the syllabus is a window to the
faculty’s mind-map of their course. Come join us as we engage in a discussion
of one librarian’s journey into the world of course syllabi at a small,
private, liberal arts institution. Using simple and inexpensive online tools,
Sarah Hood will explain how she was able to glean valuable information as part
of an ongoing effort to collaborate with faculty on her campus to provide the
highest quality information literacy instruction.

To add fuel for our discussion we recommend you check out this resources
before the chat:

Smith, C., Doversberger, L., Jones, S., Ladwig, P., Parker, J., &
Pietraszewski, B. (2012). Using Course Syllabi to Uncover Opportunities for
Curriculum-Integrated Instruction. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 51(3),
263 – 271.
As an advocate of information literacy, what are various ways that you and
your staff are establishing collaborative relationships with your campus
faculty, specifically in regards to library instruction?
Columbia College is a very small institution. It is entirely possible, likely
even, that the way in which I went about this study is not feasible at your
institution. In what way then might you revise this methodology to better fit
your situational circumstances?
If you could tell faculty anything you wanted to about the construction of
their course syllabi, what would it be?

Please register and access the event using the links below:

Event Registration Page:
Event Login Page:

Access: Only registered users may enter the room (guest access is blocked).
Limit of 100 attendees (including speakers)

Note: Please do not access the meeting link above prior to 15 minutes before
the start time, as you may interrupt another meeting.

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:

Test your connection:
Get a quick overview:

Interested in leading an STS monthly chat on a relevant science and
information literacy topic? Have any questions about the STS-IL chats? Please
send your inquiries to Laksamee Putnam,
For an archive of past messages from the ILI listserv, visit:

LOEX 2016

LOEX 2016: Call for Breakout Session Proposals
Learning from the Past, Building for the Future.

44th Annual LOEX Conference
May 5-7, 2016
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You are invited to Pittsburgh for LOEX 2016 to showcase your innovations in
library instruction. We are excited to see how librarians across the country
are shaping the future of information literacy.

This year’s LOEX tracks are:

● ReImagine: Rethinking Teaching & Learning

● ReFrame: Exploring Multiple Perspectives on Pedagogy

● ReCycle: Using Technology & Keeping Teaching Fresh

● ReConnect: Meeting Your Neighbors – Outreach & Collaboration

● ReInvigorate: Leading to Create Change

● ReAssess: Learning from Success & Failure

Proposals for 50-minute long presentations and interactive workshops can be
submitted only through the online submission form and must be received by
Friday, November 20, 2015. The primary contact for the proposal will receive a
message indicating receipt of the proposal when it is submitted and will be
notified if the proposal has been accepted for presentation by Monday, January
11, 2016.

For more details, please visit

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Immediate Registration Available Now for any of 4 webinars, or the web course

Check out all of the empowering learning opportunities at the line up page, with registration details and links on each of the sessions pages.

The offerings include 4 fast paced one shot webinars:

Teaching Patrons about Privacy in a World of Pervasive Surveillance: Lessons from the Library Freedom Project, with Alison Macrina
Offered: October 6, 2015, 1:30 pm Central Time
In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA and FBI dragnet surveillance, Alison Macrina started the Library Freedom Project as a way to teach other librarians about surveillance, privacy rights, and technology tools that protect privacy. In this 90 minute webinar, she’ll talk about the landscape of surveillance, the work of the LFP, and some strategies you can use to protect yourself and your patrons online.

Creative Commons Crash Course, with Carli Spina
Offered: October 7, 2015, 1:30 pm Central Time
Since the first versions were released in 2002, Creative Commons licenses have become an important part of the copyright landscape, particularly for organizations that are interested in freely sharing information and materials. Participants in this 90 minute webinar will learn about the current Creative Commons licenses and how they relate to copyright law. This webinar will follow up on Carli Spina’s highly popular Ignite Session at the 2015 ALA Mid Winter conference.

Digital Privacy Toolkit for Librarians, with Alison Macrina
Offered: October 20, 2015
This 90 minute webinar will include a discussion and demonstration of practical tools for online privacy that can be implemented in library PC environments or taught to patrons in classes/one-on-one tech sessions, including browsers for privacy and anonymity, tools for secure deletion of cookies, cache, and internet history, tools to prevent online tracking, and encryption for online communications.

Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know – 2, with Steven Bowers, A.J. Million, Elliot Polak and Ken Varnum
Offered: November 2, 2015, 1:00 pm Central Time
We’re all awash in technological innovation. It can be a challenge to know what new tools are likely to have staying power ­­and what that might mean for libraries. The 2014 LITA Guide, Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know, highlights a selected set of technologies that are just starting to emerge and describes how libraries might adapt them in the next few years. In this fast paced hour long webinar, join the authors of three chapters as they talk about their technologies and what they mean for libraries. Those chapters covered will be

• Impetus to Innovate: Convergence and Library Trends, with A.J. Million
• The Future of Cloud-Based Library Systems with Elliot Polak & Steven Bowers
• Library Discovery: From Ponds to Streams with Ken Varnum

Plus the 4 week deep dive web course:

Personal Digital Archiving for Librarians, with Melody Condron
Offered: October 6 – November 3, 2015
Most of us are leading very digital lives. Bank statements, interaction with friends, and photos of your dog are all digital. Even as librarians who value preservation, few of us organize our digital personal lives, let alone back it up or make plans for it. Participants in this 4 week online class will learn how to organize and manage their digital selves. Further, as librarians participants can use what they learn to advocate for better personal data management in others. “Train-the-trainer” resources will be available so that librarians can share these tools and practices with students and patrons in their own libraries after taking this course.

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