Reference and Information Services Series presented by Amigos Library Services

Are you new to reference and information services or just need to brush up on your skills? Register today for the Reference and Information Services Series presented by Amigos Library Services. This series of four courses will focus on different areas of reference and information services, including reference sources, virtual reference, and policy development. Each session can be taken as a single course, or register for all four to get a complete overview.

Core Reference Skills – April 17 & 18, 2-4 pm CDT: Information seekers interact daily with library staff to meet their information needs. Do you have what it takes to be an effective reference provider? This course helps reference staff identify the necessary skill sets needed for any reference interaction whether it is face to face, virtual, or on the telephone. Additionally, attendees will recognize common barriers to productive reference interactions, develop techniques to overcome them, and discover how to locate basic reference sources. Register today at

Reference Sources – May 16 & 17, 2-4 pm CDT: Knowledge of reference sources is central to providing your users with the answers they seek. This course will familiarize both librarians and paraprofessionals in a range of print and online resources from dictionaries and encyclopedias, to handbooks, serials and databases. Come learn which sources work for you and how to best use them. Early bird registration ends April 24:

Virtual Reference Communication – June 14 & 15, 2-4 pm CDT: The reference interview marks the essence of a reference transaction regardless of where it occurs: online, face to face, or over the telephone. This course centers in understanding the barriers inherent to virtual communication, and discovery of tips and techniques which enhance online communication in the absence of verbal and visual cues. Is online or “virtual” reference communication different from traditional reference? Come explore the differences and discover how to become a better online communicator by engaging in hands-on virtual reference communication exercises. Early bird registration ends May 23:

Reference Policy – July 11 & 12, 2-4 pm CDT: Reference policy is the foundation upon which reference services are built upon. This course will take you step by step in the policy development process. Come learn how to create policy whether for face to face, telephone or virtual reference services. Also learn to write guidelines that will provide you, your co-workers, and library users with the understanding of how reference services fit with the overall vision and mission of your institution. Early bird registration ends June 19:

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