Library Juice Academy courses offered in and April, May, and June

Most of the classes listed below are four weeks in length, with a price of $175.

Registrations accepted through the first week of class (unless enrollment is full and unless it was canceled before it started due to low enrollment).

Classes are taught asynchronously, so participants can do the work as their schedules allow.

Details on these courses are at


Techniques for Creative Problem Solving in Libraries
Annie Downey

Creating an Oral History Project
Carmen Cowick

Introduction to Digital Humanities for Librarians
John Russell

The Politics of Classification
Melissa Adler

Introduction to the Semantic Web
Robert Chavez

Business Information
Amy Jansen

Academic Library Budgets 101
Tracey Leger-Hornby

Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing
Rebecca Blakiston

Introduction to Legal Materials for Information Professionals
Eliza Fink

Service Design: Towards a Holistic Assessment of Library Services
Joe J. Marquez

Getting to Know Your Users through Interviews and Focus Groups
Jennifer Sweeney

Introduction to Readers’ Advisory
Jessica Moyer

Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)
Sarah Crissinger


Everyday Statistics for Librarians
Jennifer Sweeney

Building Business Connections in Your Community
Barbara Alvarez

Introduction to Scholarly Communications
Carli Spina

Business and Professional Writing for Librarians
Alison Lewis

Beyond the Basics: Cataloging DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Streaming Videos
Natalie Hall

Introduction to Knowledge Management Systems for Libraries
Valerie Forrestal

Introduction to Genealogical Librarianship
Sarah A.V. Kirby

Agile Library Operations: Introduction to Scrum and the Agile Manifesto
Aaron Collie

Know Your User: Research Methods Beyond Usability Testing
Emily Daly

Academia 101: A Crash Course on How Colleges and Universities Work
Annie Downey

RDFa1.1 (RDFa and RDFa Lite) and RSS
Robert Chavez

Translating the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy into Our Teaching Practices
Andrea Baer


Introduction to Cataloging
Melissa Adler

Authority Control
Natalie Hall

Introduction to GIS and GeoWeb Technologies
Eva Dodsworth

Effective Communication Strategies
Deborah Schmidle

Cultural Competence for the Academic Librarian
Shaundra Walker

Caring for Collections
Beth Knazook

The Sustainability Movement on Campus: Forming a Library Action Plan for Engagement
Jamie Conklin

Assessing and Improving Your Library’s Social Media Presence
Abigail Phillips

Student Staff Development
Jeremy McGinniss

Writing for the Web
Rebecca Blakiston

Linked Data
Robert Chavez

Introduction to Archives Administration and Management
Christine D’Arpa

Transforming Your Teaching Toolkit
Maria T. Accardi

Some fun facts about us: Since starting in October of 2012, we have taught 392 classes to students located in 49 different countries. After discontinuing a number of courses, we currently have 110 of them on the books, approximately two thirds of which are scheduled for teaching over the next six months. There are currently between 4000 and 5000 users in the course management system.

While academic programs focus on conceptual understanding of foundations, we focus on the kinds of skills that library schools generally expect librarians to learn on-the-job, but which usually turn out to require additional study. These workshops earn Continuing Education Units, and are intended as professional development activities. Workshops are taught asynchronously, so you can participate as your own schedule allows.

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