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Library Juice Academy courses offered in and November, December, and January

Most of the classes listed below are four weeks in length, with a price of $175.

We accept registrations through the first week of class (unless enrollment is full).

Classes are taught asynchronously, so participants can do the work as their schedules allow.

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Metadata Design
Grace Agnew

Creating an Oral History Project
Carmen Cowick

Patent Searching for Librarians
Michael White

Planning and Leading Effective Team Meetings
Deborah Schmidle

Evaluating Service Quality and Patron Satisfaction
Jennifer Sweeney

Easy Patron Surveys
Jennifer Sweeney

Student Staff Development
Jeremy McGinniss

Getting Started with Digital Image Collections
Beth Knazook

Transforming Your Teaching Toolkit
Maria T. Accardi

RDFa1.1 (RDFa and RDFa Lite) and RSS
Robert Chavez

Introduction to Library Classification in Dewey and LC
Catelynne Sahadath

Backward Design for Information Literacy Instruction
Andrea Baer

Research Data Management
Jillian Wallis


Strategic Planning: Setting Directions for the Future
Deborah Schmidle

Ontologies and Linked Data
Robert Chavez


Introduction to Cataloging
Melissa Adler

Metadata Implementation
Grace Agnew

Introduction to Book Indexing
Joanne Sprott

Critical Strategies for Implementing and Managing Organizational Change
Deborah Schmidle

Assessing and Improving Your Library’s Social Media Presence
Abigail Phillips

E-Book Management for Academic Libraries
Erin Crane

Business Information
Amy Jansen

Crash Course in Assessing Information Literacy
Candice Benjes-Small and Eric Ackermann

Techniques for Student Engagement in Library Instruction
Kristin Ziska

The SPARQL Fundamentals I – the Semantic Web in action
Robert Chavez

Information Literacy and Writing Studies: Exploring Pedagogical Possibilities
Andrea Baer

While academic programs focus on conceptual understanding of foundations, we focus on the kinds of skills that library schools generally expect librarians to learn on-the-job, but which usually turn out to require additional study. These workshops earn Continuing Education Units, and are intended as professional development activities. Workshops are taught asynchronously, so you can participate as your own schedule allows.

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