Using Apps to Become a More Productive Professional

Be More Productive!

Using Apps to Become a More Productive Professional
with Rita Gavelis

90-minute workshop
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
2:30 PM Eastern | 1:30 PM Central
12:30 PM Mountain | 11:30 AM Pacific


Handheld devices are not just convenient for reading email, surfing the Internet, and downloading eBooks, they are also powerful tools for performing research and office tasks. In this workshop, Gavelis will demonstrate how tablets and smartphones can function like a desktop or laptop in the library—from searching publications databases to creating and editing documents. Throughout the workshop, you will be introduced to and will explore popular productivity and office applications for creating, editing, and sharing documents, photos, and information. You will also investigate utilities for managing time, projects, and social media content to optimize your time and effectiveness on the go. Though an iPad will be used for demonstration purposes, the content of the workshop is applicable to Android and Windows devices, as well as the higher-end Nook and Kindle Fire Tablets.