Immersion Management Track: Practical Management for the Instruction Coordinator at ACRL

Practical Management Track — March 25, 2015, Portland, OR
Deadline to register: February 20, 2015

Register by February 20 for the Immersion Management Track: Practical Management for the Instruction Coordinator. The Immersion ’15 Practical Management track will be held in conjunction with the ACRL 2015 Conference in Portland on March 25, 2015.

Instruction coordinators are often well-grounded in theory and instruction practice and have some of the tools they need to begin building campus-wide programs. Frequently, however, coordinators or those in similar roles do not supervise the majority of librarians who participate in a library’s instructional program, presenting challenges to the development of innovative and effective programs. This interactive one-day program will address how to lead from within – developing the powers of persuasion to influence in multiple directions. Other topics include creating the right environment for a successful instruction program, understanding a broader campus environment, providing constructive feedback, and coaching for success.

“The Immersion Program gave me plenty of practical ideas to take home. Being in a room of people all facing the same challenges that I’m facing, and all acknowledging that they ARE challenges is invaluable.” ~ 2013 Practical Management Track Participant
Learning Outcomes
After participating in the Immersion ’15 Practical Management track, you will be able to:
Open a discussion with appropriate leadership about your role and responsibilities
Provide influence in multiple directions in order to achieve programmatic goals
Develop a succinct proposal for administrative consideration
Understand the critical elements for creating a desired environment
Understand the potential of information literacy programs in a larger campus context
Complete details about the program and registration materials are available online. Questions about the Immersion Practical Management Program should be directed to Margot Conahan at