Introduction to RDA

Introduction to RDA

Instructor: Melissa Adler
Dates: February 2-27, 2015
Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175


Resource Description and Access (RDA) is the new library cataloging for
resource description and discovery, replacing AACR2. Upon completion of
this four-week course you will be familiar with Functional Requirements
for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), the conceptual model on which RDA is
based. You will be able to recognize and create bibliographic records
using RDA and will be directed to the most recent and helpful resources
that are available to help guide you through the transition to RDA. The
course will cover the basic concepts required to confidently navigate
and apply the guidelines in the RDA Toolkit.

– Topics covered in this course include:
– Issues surrounding the change to RDA
– Identifying FRBR entities – Works, Expressions, Manifestations, Items
– Using the RDA Toolkit
– MARC fields for RDA
– Relationships in RDA
– RDA vocabularies
– Basic introduction to principles of linked data

Each week will include an introduction to the week’s content, a few
readings, and an exercise or quiz that provides hands-on practice.
Participation in discussion forums will also be required. Expect to
spend about 3.5 hours on coursework each week. Basic knowledge of MARC21
is not required, but is recommended as a prerequisite for taking this

Melissa Adler is Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky
School of Library and Information Science, where she teaches courses in
Information Organization and other areas of librarianship. She holds a
PhD in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin
Madison and has seven years of academic library experience, primarily in
the realm of cataloging.

Course structure
This is an online class that is taught asynchronously, meaning that
participants do the work on their own time as their schedules allow. The
class does not meet together at any particular times, although the
instructor may set up optional sychronous chat sessions. Instruction
includes readings and assignments in one-week segments. Class
participation is in an online forum environment.

Payment info
You can register in this course through the first week of instruction.
The “Register” button on the website goes to our credit card payment
gateway, which may be used with personal or institutional credit cards.
(Be sure to use the appropriate billing address). If your institution
wants to pay using a purchase order, please contact us to make arrangements.

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