Teaching Skills for Librarians

Public and academic librarians are often called upon to deliver educational instruction and training, even though these skills required to do so are not always covered as part of their MLS education. This program was developed in order to provide librarians with a basic set of skills for teaching adult learners.

Teaching Skills for Librarians: A Professional Development Online Course Offered in Collaboration with the College of Saint Rose

Monday, September 8, 2014 through Friday, December 12, 2014

Course Description
The College of St. Rose in cooperation with the New York Library Association is offering a professional development course for librarians. The course will be offered as a completely online study experience. The modules will engage students in the development of foundational skills for teaching and learning for librarians; delivery of Instruction about libraries and library skills; use of technology for teaching and information resources for teaching library skills; and the need for collaboration in selecting content for effectively teaching library skills.

1. Module One: A Foundation for Teaching and Learning for Librarians
Pre-assess audience for clear direction regarding learning needs;
Establish and state learning objectives and participant outcomes in behavioral terms;
Organize materials and resources for instruction, considering transmission of content, and motivation of learners with varying learning preferences and needs;
Introduce instruction and get participants set for the learning to come;
Plan activities that focus on objectives and outcomes, and use objectives and outcomes as screens for selecting learning activities. Activities should model interactive strategies to engage learners, provide application opportunities for learners, and build a community of learners throughout instructional delivery;
Monitor learning progress at formative instructional junctures and adjust instruction;
Assess objectives and learner outcomes;
Choose tactics to bring closure to instruction.

2. Module Two: Delivery of Instruction about Libraries and Library Skills
Revise a lesson in library instruction;
Model interactive strategies to engage learners;
Use learners to instruct the learners;
Provide opportunities for learners to apply material that is taught;
Build a community of learners throughout instructional delivery;
Devise questions and elicit higher order thinking as answers;
Manage instruction and manage discipline.

3. Module Three: Technology and Teaching about Libraries, Information Resources, and Library Skills
Teach information technology and literacies related to the library;
Teach about libraries and teaching library skills with technology, as appropriate;
Use technology to enhance instruction;
Develop electronic instructional modules;
Teach without technology, as appropriate.

4. Module Four: Collaboration and Subject Matter
Collaborate with those requesting service to assure client satisfaction;
Collaborate with members and organizations in the community to increase understanding of the library as a community resource, and to solicit input about scheduling useful instruction about the library for the community;
Involve clients with the subject matter;
Collaborate on an institution-wide level to develop strategies that address the information literacy needs of student/clients on an ongoing, extended basis.

There are two registration options. One including graduate credit and one without.

$650 (credit is graduate level course credit – accredited by the College of Saint Rose)
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$450 option, without graduate credit
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* The College of Saint Rose acknowledges and thanks the Library Instruction Leadership Academy (LILAC) Academy for its contributions to the conceptualization of this course.