Dynamic One-Shot Library Instruction

Dynamic One-Shot Library Instruction
with Heidi E. Buchanan and Beth A. McDonough

4-week facilitated eCourse
Beginning Monday, July 14, 2014


Faced with planning your one-shot library instruction, you no doubt feel hard-pressed to squeeze in all your library has to offer plus tips on the research process in a mere 50 minutes. Authentic learning with student interaction may seem unattainable. It’s not. The keys are communicating clearly with the course instructor, developing a realistic plan, and employing effective teaching strategies.

After participating, you will

develop effective communication and collaboration strategies in order to co-design information literacy sessions with course instructors
employ active learning strategies and classroom assessment techniques in order to facilitate meaningful learning
match the best hands-on activities to the students’ stage in the research process in order to make information literacy instruction relevant and meaningful