Using WebDewey® and Understanding Dewey Decimal Classification®

Using WebDewey® and Understanding Dewey Decimal Classification® facilitated by Cheryl Tarsala
4-week eCourse
Beginning Monday, July 7, 2014


Gain a comprehensive grounding in Dewey Decimal Classification® principles and practice. Expert cataloging instructor Cheryl Tarsala will teach you how to:
Read and interpret DDC® notation and analyze how to apply it in real-world library situations
Competently search WebDewey® for the assignment of DDC® numbers
Be able to use DDC® Tables for number-building and successfully build longer DDC® numbers
Assign DDC® numbers with correct meaning in hierarchy, build numbers using tables, and apply numbers that help patrons browse your library.
Experienced users will benefit from guidance in building complex numbers, in using Table 3 for literature, and ideas for more effective use of the DDC® system.