ALA Annual: RUSA Reference Interview preconference

Come to the Reference Interview Preconference

Have you ever wondered:

Why library users do not ask for what they really want?
Why some users come back again and again – while others are reluctant to ever ask for help?
Why helping people online or on the phone is so different from helping people face to face?
What you can do to get more of your users to ask for help?
How you can do to train your staff to provide better assistance to your users?
Why nobody ever asks reference questions anymore?

If so, you should sign up for the RUSA Reference Interview preconference at ALA in Las Vegas.

This live and in-person all day workshop will provide you with some techniques that will enable you to better assist your users – and help you figure out what it is that they need. Two expert reference librarians (one public librarian and one academic librarian) will give you tips that will make you more approachable, better communicators, and make your users more willing to return. Covering both in-person and remote reference transactions, this workshop will cover:

The Psychology of Question Asking
Questioning Techniques
The Differences Between Online and In-Person Reference
The 4 “R’s” of Reference
Follow Up Techniques
The RUSA Behavioral Guidelines
Increasing the number of Reference Questions asked at your Desk

The Instructors

This is your chance to learn from the experts.

David Tyckoson is the Associate Dean and Head of User Services at California State University, Fresno. He has been a reference librarian since 1978 and has studied and practiced the reference interview extensively. Dave has taught RUSA’s online Reference Interview class since 2004 and has presented in-person reference interview workshops for a variety of libraries.

Nicolette Warisse Sosulski is the Business Librarian at the Portage District Library in Michigan. She was the 2011 recipient of the Gale Cengage Learning Award for Excellence in Business Librarianship and was a Questionpoint backup librarian for 10 years, where she helped online users in the public, academic, and Spanish language queues.

For more information or to register for the RUSA Reference Interview preconference, see the RUSA Events page at: