AA-BIG 2014

The Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group (AA-BIG) is hosting its 13th annual conference on June 20, 2014 at the Cartersville campus of Georgia Highlands College. This year’s theme is “Leaving the Lecture Behind: Active Learning in and Out of the Classroom”.

Librarians, like other educators, have been inundated with second hand theory, research, and buzzwords suggesting alternatives to the “straight lecture” in the design of our teaching and learning experiences. Whether we are presenting to students, to colleagues, or to administrators, theory is of little use unless it is applied in creative, meaningful, and appropriate ways. We invite you join us as we share and showcase practical uses of lecture and presentation alternatives.

We are currently accepting proposals for 20 and 45 minute presentations, and we encourage librarians, library staff, library students, and administrators of all kinds to submit your ideas at the link on our website: http://aabig.weebly.com/ Submissions that are active and practice what they preach are very much encouraged.

(And did I mention it’s a **free** conference? That’s right – no cost to you!!)