Fundamentals of Acquisitions – International Session

ALCTS Web Course: Fundamentals of Acquisitions – International Session

April 13 – May 23, 2014

This special international session is intended for people located outside
of the United States and North America. The instructor, Kate Kasimor is
based out of the United Arab Emirates, and will be able to bring an
international viewpoint to the course. The weekly moderated chat sessions
will take place at a more convenient time for our international
participants and provide a better opportunity to fully engage in the
course. Students
located within North America are encouraged to attend one of the regular
FOA sessions that are instructed by U.S. based faculty. Please contact
Julie Reese, in the ALCTS Office at if you have any
questions or concerns.

Course Description

This six-week online course is a basic primer for library acquisitions
concepts common to all library materials formats. It covers:

· Goals and methods of acquiring monographs and serials in all formats;

· Theoretical foundations and workflows of basic acquisitions functions;

· Financial management of library collections budgets;

· Relationships among acquisitions librarians, library booksellers,
subscription agents, and publishers.

This course provides a broad overview of the operations involved in
acquiring materials after the selection decision is made.

In FOA, we distinguish between collection development, which involves the
selection of materials for the library; and acquisitions, which orders,
receives, and pays for those materials. In many libraries, selecting and
acquiring materials may be done in the same department–in the smallest
libraries perhaps even by the same person. In larger libraries, selection
may be done by a collection development department and/or designated
subject specialists, while a separate department acquires the selected
materials. In essence, acquisitions is a business operation, bringing
materials into the library and licensing access to library collections and

Because success in acquisitions depends on ability to collaborate,
negotiate, and be flexible to work out win-win solutions with others, this
course includes collaborative and social elements.

Other topics from an international perspective might include ethics
differences, dealing with vendors located outside of our countries,
communication across time zones, shipping across borders, currency
exchanges, and different laws.

Who Should Attend

As a fundamentals course, FOA is tailored for librarians and
paraprofessionals new to the acquisitions field; and librarians and support
staff from other library units and library school or LSSC students who want
to know more about acquisitions. Although FOA focuses on the acquisition
of monographs in various physical formats, it covers key components of
acquisition and licensing processes for all library materials, in all
formats, in all types of libraries.

This course is one-third of the Collection Management Elective course
approved by the Library Support Staff Certification Program (LSSCP).

Because success in acquisitions depends on ability to collaborate,
negotiate, and be flexible to work out win-win solutions with others, this
course includes collaborative and social elements.


Kate Kasimor, Higher Colleges Of Technology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Registration Fees

$109 ALCTS Member/$139 Non-member

Registration for this course is U.S. based and the registration fees are in
US dollars.

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