New Directions in Information Fluency: A Conference

New Directions in Information Fluency: A Conference

Our present generation of skilled and accomplished digital natives has a universe of information at its fingertips. But, while millennials can search quickly and productively, they have trouble sifting, sorting, and ranking the results. They lack experience with print archives and the fundamental differences between encountering information digitally and in print. They need help with the research process: everything from presearch to evaluating sources’ arguments to integrating sources into their own projects. How can librarians and faculty best teach these higher-level skills in a world of information overload?

Join the ACRL Award-winning Thomas Tredway Library as we explore these provocative and challenging issues in our one-day conference.

The keynote speaker is Sandra Jamieson, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at Drew University and a principal researcher on the Citation Project (

We welcome presentations on topics including:

new pedagogical approaches to teaching . . .

research as a process

research writing

rare books and archival materials as tools for critical thinking and analysis

real-world research skills for life beyond the academy

transformative assessments of information, visual, and primary source literacies

creative collaborations between the library and other academic and academic support departments

the place of information fluency among college- and university-wide learning outcomes

and other innovative approaches to information fluency

Proposals are due February 15, 2014. To submit a proposal, register for the conference, or find additional information, please visit the conference website (