Call for proposals for the Critical Media Literacy conference

The call for proposals for the Critical Media Literacy conference has been extended until February 14, 2014.

This multidisciplinary conference is designed to aid current educational leaders, future teachers, youth, and other concerned citizens in their understanding of the mass media and its impact on the events that shape our daily lives. Promoting critical media literacy is essential to excavating social inequalities and fostering participatory democracy during the 21st century.

Conference strands include:

Library Science

Educational Foundations

School(s) of Communication

The Borg Center for Reading and Literacy

Paper proposals might address topics such as (but not limited to) the following:

• What are specific ways in which the corporate and political elite uses the mass media to promulgate their ideologies and practices?

• How does the mass media perpetuate divisions amongst social groups across the globe?

• How can teacher educators prepare future teachers by using critical media studies in teacher preparation programs?

• How can educators, youth, and concerned citizens provide more genuine representations of global citizens through their own media products?

• How has media literacy successfully fostered K-20 students’ critical engagement with mass media?

• How have various technologies employed by corporate conglomerates in the mass media been used to foster critical understanding and solidarity across the globe, rather than to promote conformity and corporatism?

• How can various critical theories enrich our understanding of the mass media in the age of neoliberalism?

• What are some ways in which media literacy can be applied to the new demands and concerns of today’s digitized culture?

• How might library scientists go about training critical media librarians?

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