Got a minute?: How to Prepare Your Parking Lot Speech

Got a minute?: How to Prepare Your Parking Lot Speech

A free webinar, sponsored by RUSA’s Just Ask Task Force

* Date & Time: Wednesday, February 12, 2014: 2:00-3:15 p.m. Central Time

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Registration is limited, but the webinar will be recorded and will be available for those not able to attend.

Learn how to advocate for your library and its services wherever and whenever you meet potential library funders, supporters, and other key stakeholders through this webinar by learning to create a short parking lot speech. A parking lot speech, a conversation short enough to take place in the time needed to cross a parking lot, is an empowering method for staff, trustees, friends and other library supporters to think about and develop ways to spread the word about today’s libraries. This webinar will help participants gain more of an understanding of where to obtain facts and stories that they can use in informal–and formal–settings, allowing you to promote your libraries’ services and value anywhere, from literacy and lifelong learning to community spaces and opportunities, that touch upon technological and access needs.
You will walk away with the words you can rely on to state your brief but impactful message on the fly, in the grocery store, at a community event and even in a parking lot. Your parking lot speech will be drafted and honed to relay the key points that may spark future advocacy for your library.
After this webinar:

* Participants will walk away with three essential ways to identify the audience they are speaking to and gain their support.
* Participants will learn the steps for telling their library story through a Parking Lot Speech.
* Participants will be able to identify two ways to obtain key data (facts, statistics, etc.) and/or stories and anecdotes to confidentially incorporate into their advocacy efforts.

Presenter: Stephanie Gerding, is an internationally-known trainer, educator, and author (The Accidental Technology Trainer: A Guide for Librarians, and Winning Grants: A How-To-Do-It Manual For Librarians). She has developed and delivered online technology courses for Public Library Association (PLA), NorthCentral University, Simmons College, state library systems, and others. Gerding is also a certified trainer for the Public Library Association in library strategic planning, management, facilitation, and staffing in addition to being a facilitator/online trainer from 2011-2012 for PLA’s Turning the Page, a national advocacy project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
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