Technical Services Librarians with Public Services Responsibilities: How

*Technical Services Librarians with Public Services Responsibilities: How
Do We Make This Work?***

October 22-23, 2013

Hosted by Erin Boyd, Ruth Elder, and Laura Turner

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Many technical services positions also include public services
responsibilities. You may have known this when accepting the position or
these responsibilities may have been added because of restructuring or
downsizing. There are a variety of public services tasks that technical
services librarians or staff may be asked to perform, including scheduled
times at the reference or circulation desks, bibliographic instruction,
taking over subject specialist responsibilities, and so forth. In this
E-forum, we want to discuss what kinds of public services responsibilities
you perform, the training you received, how is that training refreshed (or
are you kept “in the loop”), and how you balance these responsibilities
with your technical services duties. We are very interested in success
stories and tips we can share with each other.

*Erin E. Boyd *is the Cataloging/Reference Librarian at Troy University,
Montgomery Campus. In addition to cataloging, she provides reference
services, serves as liaison for literature and fine arts, and develops
LibGuides. She is active in ALCTS serving as a member of the Continuing
Education Committee, Co-Chair of the New Members Interest Group, and is
ALCTS representative for the ALA Website Advisory Committee. Her
professional interests include long-distance collaboration, outreach,
emerging technologies, and collection management.

*Ruth Elder *is the Cataloging Librarian at the Troy campus of Troy
University. She has been a cataloger for almost 30 years. Each of her
positions included technical services and public services responsibilities.
Public services duties included circulation/reference desk duties, teaching
bibliographic instruction, implementing a discovery service, automating a
circulation department, and helping establish policies for public services.
ALCTS involvement: Membership Committee, CaMMs Policy and Planning
Committee, and RDA Programming and Planning Task Force.* *

*Laura Turner *joined University of San Diego’s Copley Library in October
2012 as Head of Technical Services. Previously, she served as Head of
Technical Services at Washington and Lee University Library. In addition
to her technical services responsibilities, she helps lead library
workshops to enhance information literacy, is a library liaison to the
Music Department, and serves as a Personal Librarian for over 70 freshmen
in the University’s Living Learning Community for new students.

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Posted on behalf of the ALCTS Continuing Education Committee