#medlibs chat on Twitter July 11th

Tomorrow Michelle Kraft will be moderating the #medlibs chat on Twitter and will discuss the use of social media for patient education and consumer health. 72% of adults seek medical information online, and between 26-34% (depending on various reports) of people use social media to find health information. The thought is the trend will continue to grow.
Kraft will be asking these questions (I’m giving them to you ahead of time so you can think about them):

How are librarians using social media to provide consumer health information or patient education?
How do you measure the effectiveness of a social media health information campaign?
What are some barriers to providing patient education/consumer health information via social media?

#medlibs is a active group with lots of ideas and opinions so I am sure we will have more questions as we discuss things, but this is these are the main ones to get us started.

See you all online Thursday July 11, 2013 at 6pm PST and 9pm EST.