Servant Leadership at your Library

Servant leadership can change the dynamics of a library–large or small–by cultivating strong loyalty from both employees and library users. Servant leaders focus outwardly and work in partnership with their staff and communities.

Through exercises, group discussion, real-world stories and personal reflection led by professional library trainer Linda Bruno, preconference participants will develop their servant leader persona. Linda has presented for ASCLA at previous conferences, and is top-notch in both the content and delivery methods for her trainings. When you sign up for this event, you’ll get an excellent return on your investment thanks in large part to Linda’s outstanding work.

Still not convinced that you **have to** attend “Servant Leadership at Your Library”? Here’s some food for thought on the servant leadership approach, attributed to Steve Miller:

“No leader can possibly have all the answers . . . . The actual solutions about how best to meet the challenges of the moment have to be made by the people closest to the action. . . .The leader has to find the way to empower those frontline people, to challenge them, to provide them with the resources they need, and then to hold them accountable. As they struggle with . . . this challenge, the leader becomes their coach, teacher, and facilitator. Change how you define leadership, and you change how you run a company.”

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Servant Leadership in Your Library
Friday, June 28, 9am-4pm
Speaker: Linda Bruno, expert trainer and workshop facilitator
Registration Rates (thru June 21): $279, ASCLA member. $299, ALA member. $319, non-member. $239, ALA Retired and Student members.
Register for “Servant Leadership at Your Library” now:
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