2013 Texas STEM Librarians’ Conference in Austin

Just a reminder to all who may be interested in attending or participating.
The 2013 Texas STEM Librarians’ Conference will be coming to the University of Texas at Austin on Friday, July 26, 2013. We are calling on librarians and information specialists in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine across Texas to come to Austin to network with and learn from their colleagues around the region. Don’t live in Texas? No worries, everyone is welcome! Registration is now open. Go to: http://conferences.lib.utexas.edu/txstem2013/ for more details.
This one-day conference is intended to share ideas and research about all aspects of information services to students and researchers in sci-tech fields. If you have a cool new service, a cutting edge project, or hard-earned experience to share with your peers, please submit a proposal for a speaking slot or a poster. The deadline for proposals is now May 17.
Please send any questions to TXSTEM2013@utlists.utexas.edu and we’ll be glad to respond.
David Flaxbart and Molly White
University of Texas at Austin