NASIG 2013 Pre-Conferences

NASIG 2013 Pre-Conferences

The 2013 NASIG Annual Conference is offering 3 exciting pre-conferences with expert speakers. Kevin Smith, keynote presenter at the 2012 NASIG Annual Conference, will discuss the rules and principles of copyright law, focus on library specific situations, and help attendees learn how to make informed copyright decisions at their library. Come learn from Timothy S. Deliyannides and Lauren Collister about how a library can become their own publisher supporting their institution’s research and teaching faculty while transforming today’s inflationary cost model for serials.
Need hands-on exercises in creating serials RDA records and making the transition to RDA? Les Hawkins, Hein Nguyen, and Valerie Bross will conduct a full day workshop split between two days.

See below for additional pre-conference information:

Copyright in Practice: A Participatory Workshop Thursday, June 6, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Kevin Smith, Scholarly Communications Officer, Duke University

Copyright presentations often focus on “the rules”
without sufficient attention to practical decision-making.
Yet because application of the law so often depends on specific facts and circumstances, this approach can leave a big gap for actual library practice. This workshop will focus on situations and how to make specific decisions; discussion of the rules and principles of copyright law will, it is hoped, emerge from those applications. Although common situations will be discussed in order to provide a comprehensive look at copyright decision making, participants are encourage to bring real-life problems for the group to consider and discuss.

Library as Publisher
Wednesday, June 5, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Timothy S. Deliyannides, Director, Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing and Head, Information Technology, University of Pittsburgh

Academic libraries are increasingly investing in new efforts to support their research and teaching faculty in the activities they care about most. Learn why becoming a publisher can help meet the most fundamental needs of your research community and at the same time can help transform today’s inflationary cost model for serials. We will explore not only why to become a publisher but exactly how to achieve it, step by step, including careful selection of publishing partners, choosing the right platform for manuscript submission and editorial workflow management, one-time processes to launch a new journal, conducting peer reviews, maintaining academic quality, and measuring impact.
We’ll also cover the broader range of publishing activities where libraries can have an impact, including open access monographs, general institutional repositories and subject-based author self-archiving repositories. We will close with a review of tools, services, and communities of support to nurture the new library publishing venture.

RDA & Serials: Transitioning to RDA within a MARC 21 Framework – full day Wednesday, June 5, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Session 1) Thursday, June 6, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm (Session 2)

Les Hawkins, Coordinator of the CONSER program at the Library of Congress Hien Nguyen, CONSER Specialist at the Library of Congress Valerie Bross, ERM/Continuing Resources Cataloging, Section team leader at UCLA

The workshop will provide basic instructions for RDA serials cataloging based on the most up to date PCC and CONSER RDA decisions and practices. The presenters will incorporate in-class, hands-on exercises to engage participants in active learning. Prior to the workshop, attendees will be expected to complete prerequisite self study training modules on FRBR Fundamental Concepts and the RDA Toolkit. Also prior to the workshop attendees may participate in an online follow-up session on the prerequisite materials to complement the in-class training component.

This workshop is aimed at experienced AACR2 catalogers making the transition to RDA.

Early Bird Registration (NASIG Members only) through May 3,
½ day pre-conference: $90
Full day pre-conference: $180
Regular Registration May 4-29, 2013
½ day pre-conference: $115
Full day pre-conference: $230