CODES Conversations for Readers Advisory Librarians

CODES Conversations:
Navigating the RA High-Wire Act: Practicing RA When You Don’t Read Widely
Focused Email Discussion
April 24-25, 2013
With untold numbers of books out there, sometimes it seems almost impossible for readers’ advisors to keep up with all the genres and publishing trends. Recently on Fiction-l a thread was started that asked “how a “poorly read” librarian can do readers’ advisory?” Join readers’ advisors across the country for a two-day CODES Conversation on the best ways to find read-alikes and do Readers’ Advisory even when you feel that you have not read enough and help address the biggest myth in RA: that librarians have to read everything they suggest.

This free, moderated discussion is open to all—just subscribe to the discussion at, then follow and contribute to the conversation over the two days of the discussion.

CODES Conversations are focused electronic conversations on current issues facing collection development and readers’ advisory librarians—or anyone interested in those areas. The conversations are open to all who wish to participate (or lurk)!

How much do you read and how widely? How do you cope with unknown titles? Come join us and share!