Archival Appraisal

Archival Appraisal
Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel
Erie, PA
25 April 2013
Half Day Workshop: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Cost: $45.00


Jon Schmitz, Chautauqua Institution

Joni Blackman, Fenton History Center

Appraisal is an essential part of archival practice, and this workshop will look at it from the perspective of historical value, administrative necessity, and fulfillment of an archive’s mandate and mission. Various approaches will be discussed, along with a history of its emergence in theory, and its special importance in a digital environment. In the first part of the workshop, an archivist will discuss archival appraisal in theory and practice as well as the professional ethics of the archivist in this respect. A museum director will then provide an overview of how appraisals of artifacts are made in comparison to records and books.

Workshop attendees do not need to register for the full MARAC conference – although we highly encourage it! You also do not need to be a MARAC member. Registration information and full workshop details are listed in the conference program, available on the MARAC website at