Teaching Information Literacy with Discovery Tools

Teaching Information Literacy with Discovery Tools
90-minute workshop
with Nancy Fawley and Nikki Krysak
Wednesday, April 24, 2013
2:30pm Eastern|1:30 Central
12:30 Mountain|11:30am Pacific
Offering the use of a single interface for teaching information literacy, discovery tools free you from the cumbersome necessity of toggling back and forth between multiple screens. Instead you can focus on developing students’ skills with search terms and strategies, simultaneously training them how to use a critical eye while sifting through results. Applicable for teaching one-shot sessions as well as curriculum-embedded instruction, this workshop will show you valuable and useful skills.
Topics covered:
• How to teach students the unique qualities of discovery tools
• How to draw from discovery tool features to engage students in evaluating sources
• The basics of integrating discovery with subject specific databases to scaffold instruction for advanced research and upper-level courses
Nancy Fawley is the Head of Gorgas Information Services at The University of Alabama Libraries, where she oversees reference, instruction, and outreach at the main undergraduate library.
Nikki Krysak is the Head of Instructional Services at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont, where she leads planning, development, delivery, and assessment of the overall library education program at Kreitzberg Library.