Snacking on Substance: Active Learning Cuts Rich Course Content into Bite-Size Chunks

A webinar event that describes how students at the Michigan State University
College of Veterinary Medicine consume complex concepts with some help from
lecture capture and a student engagement system.
Let’s face it – the typical health sciences curriculum is very difficult. Courses cover a multitude of important topics, and classes tend to be chock full of content. Most students leave lectures recalling only a portion of what was taught in class. Constantly on the mission to make learning more effective for their students and create a better graduate, the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University looked to active learning technologies to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Join us for this complimentary online event to learn how Dr. Robert Malinowski, Director of the Center for Academic Technologies at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, leverages technology to:
• Provide tools for instructors and students to actively engage in the teaching and learning process before, during and after class
• Segment content-rich lectures into digestible pieces with responsive technology interludes
• Recycle, rather than recreate, valuable course content across the duration of the degree program, creating a repository of reference materials for students
• Drive curriculum mapping in order to ensure that what’s being taught is relevant to the
real world after graduation
• Share content with other institutions
• Support instructors while saving time and human resources through automated solutions
Whether you are considering a solution to record lectures, or looking for ways
to engage your students, you’ll gain insights into the successes and challenges
of implementing an active learning strategy. Register today!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All are welcome, however, Instructional Technologists and Designers, Faculty, Deans and Academic Administrators, and CIOs are encouraged to attend.
Snacking on Substance:
Active Learning Cuts Rich Course Content into Bite-Size Chunks
Thursday, February 28 • 11am PST; 2pm EST

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