Success in First Library Supervisor Position

Success in First Library Supervisor Position

Instructor: Tony Garrett
Dates: March 1-28, 2013
Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175

This course is taught asynchronously.

An individual’s first position as a library supervisor can be daunting; especially with no prior supervisory experience. Most individuals get promoted into a position because of their expertise in a certain area of librarianship, not necessarily because of leadership. There are tools, concepts, and skills that a leader needs to be successful and anyone can learn these tools, even if they are not gifted with them. This course will discuss some of the major issues an individual new to library supervision will encounter: Stakeholders, Communication, Planning, Training, Budgeting, Leadership/Supervision, and Staffing. The course will focus more on the practicality of these areas; then on the theory; although, some basic theory will be discussed in the section’s overview. The goal of this course is to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and tools needed for any library supervisor, at any level, as well as, lead the individual to more detailed information available on the subject by providing a bibliography of resources at the end of each unit. Throughout the course there will be discussion boards, simple projects/homework, and online chats to discuss common issues and challenges related to library supervision.

Learning Outcomes

– The student will be able to discuss library supervision without fear and trepidation.
– The student will be able to use the concepts taught to make application in the unit’s project.
– The student will be able to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses in an area and plan a way to improve the strength or overcome the weakness.

Tony Garrett, Ed. D. is the Head of Reference and Access Services at Troy University. He has worked in academic libraries for 13 years. He received his Ed. D. from Nova Southeastern University and his MLIS from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is particularly interested in leadership and public services in academic libraries.

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