Information Literacy Journal Club meeting in Second Life

The next meeting of the information literacy Journal Club that takes place in the virtual world, Second Life, is on Tuesday 19th February at noon SL time (which is the same as Pacific time, for times elsewhere).

The discussion, led by me, will be on this open-access article:
McKinney, P., and Sen, B. (2012). Reflection for learning:
understanding the value of reflective writing for information literacy development. Journal of Information Literacy, 6(2),

Everyone is welcome to join the one-hour discussion. You need a SL avatar and the SL browser installed on your computer.
The location for the discussion is on Infolit iSchool, Second Life,

To start things going, I have put together a powerpoint highlighting some key points in the article:

Additionally, The same paper was discussed by the online blog-post journal club last week, and you can see the discussion here: