The Forge: Communicate Better with Visuals!

The Forge: Communicate Better with Visuals!
Don’t miss this month’s episode of the The Forge on Thursday February 21st at 2 PM!

This month, we’ll be continuing our series on using visuals in communication with the help of our special guest,
Dave Gray (@davegray), the author of the books GameStorming and The Connected Company. He’ll be covering what tools he uses to create his recordings and the:
• Importance of teaching visuals in the early stages of curriculum
• Use of a Visual Alphabet to help people come to shared understanding
• Reason why visuals work so well for people to connect and come to an understanding
In addition, we’ll also be holding a special interview with Troy Stein, TechSmith’s EDU Solutions Architect, who will be introducing a new and exciting TechSmith project! He’ll discuss what Ask3 is and how it’s being used in classrooms.
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