Library Juice Academy Spring Courses

Library Juice Academy currently taking enrollments in the following courses being taught in February and March. The February classes will be open for enrollment through the first week of the month.

These courses are asynchronous, meaning that you can participate on your own time, as your work schedule permits.

We would be happy to answer any questions. Please visit our website to read descriptions of the courses and see some listings for course offerings further into the year.

February 2013

Cataloging for the Non-Cataloger
Instructor: Melissa Adler | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Introduction to Project Management
Instructor: Robin Hastings | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Changing Lives, Changing the World: Information Literacy and Critical Pedagogy
Instructor: Maria T. Accardi | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Embedded Librarianship
Instructor: Courtney Mlinar | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost $175

Representing Geographic Information with Map Mashups
Instructor: Olga Buchel | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

YA Lit Spotlight: Science Fiction
Instructor: Karin Perry | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Web 2.0 and Social Networking for the School Library
Instructor: Karin Perry | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

Alternative Health Resources for Librarians
Instructor: Candise Branum | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

March 2013

Introduction to RDA
Instructor: Melissa Adler | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

So Now I Am an Archivist, Too?! Introduction to Archives Administration and Management
Instructor: Christine D’Arpa | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing
Instructor: Rebecca Blakiston | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Connecting with Spanish-Speaking Communities
Instructor: Katie Cunningham | Credits: 1.5 CEUs | Cost: $175

Team-Based Work Structures and Productivity
Instructor: Aliqae Geraci | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

Working Faster, Working Smarter: Productivity Strategies for Librarians
Instructor: Emily Drabinski | Credits: 0.75 CEUs | Cost: $90

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