ACRL Instruction Section Virtual Orientation

Want to learn more about joining an IS committee? Have questions about the volunteer process? Interested in getting involved in the section and wondering how to get started? Please join IS Vice-Chair Christy Stevens as she leads a virtual presentation and discussion forum on the IS Committee Volunteer application and appointment process in a program presented by the IS Membership Committee.

Meeting Name:  IS Membership Virtual Orientation

When:   Thursday, January 17, 2013   2:00 PM (EST)

To join the meeting:

Use the Guest Login: Enter your full name and click on Enter Room

Once in the room: Please run the Audio Setup Wizard from the Meeting Menu at the top of the screen and make sure that your speakers are working.  A microphone is not necessary.  We ask that you type all questions/comments in the chat window.

Adobe Connect Tips: Connect works best on Firefox and Chrome.  You may be prompted to upgrade to the newest version of Flash.


Dominique Turnbow

Undergraduate Services Librarian | UCSD Biomedical Library

IS Membership Committee