NISO Webinar: Behave Like a Startup

NISO Webinar: Behave Like a Startup: Adapting Your Organization to Rapid Change

Date: January 9, 2013

Time: 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. (EST)

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During a recent BookExpo meeting, a publishing company executive asserted, “Any company that isn’t behaving like a start-up is doomed.” What does this mean in the context of service organizations such as libraries, as well as businesses that serve the library industry such as publishers and vendors?

How can large institutions be more nimble, act more quickly, adopt new tech more easily? What can be learned from startups and what can be avoided?

NISO’s January 9 webinar Behave Like a Startup: Adapting Your Organization to Rapid Change will answer these questions and more.


. Thinking like a Startup, Behaving like an R&D Shop: Pathways to Innovation for Libraries – Brian Mathews, Associate Dean for Research and Learning, Virginia Tech University Libraries will focus on understanding the user experience as a way to develop more entrepreneurial libraries; he authors The Ubiquitous Librarian blog and tweets at @brianmathews.

. Kuali OLE and Agile Development Practices – Michael Winkler, Director for Information Technologies and Digital Development, University of Pennsylvania Libraries, will describe how Agile software development-an iterative and incremental approach that adopts quickly to change-is being used for the Kuali Open Library Environment project.


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