Introduction to Spatial Literacy and Online Mapping from RUSA

You may use tools like Google Maps in your personal life

all the time for locating restaurants and local businesses,

driving directions or planning trips via public
transportation, but have you considered how this same

technology could be used at your library to improve library services?

RUSA’s online course “Introduction to Spatial Literacy and Online Mapping”
is the perfect opportunity for librarians and library staff from public and
academic libraries to gain a basic understanding of Geographic Information
Systems (GIS) technology and learn about specific technologies they may be
exposed to at the library. Registration for this course, which runs Nov. 5-25,
ends on Thursday, Nov. 1.


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If you’ve already taken this introductory course or have a good working
knowledge of GIS and want to go further, consider enrolling in “Spatial
Literacy II: Incorporation of Maps and GIS”, which shows you how to
harness these technologies for reference work, library projects, library
administration, collection delivery, instruction, outreach and library
promotion. The next session of this course begins Dec. 3.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if several of your staff could take this course and your
library could reap the benefits in improved library services? Group discounts
are available! Rates for two or more registrants from the same library, library
network or library system start at $110 per person.

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Register online now for this and other upcoming RUSA courses:

Questions about registration? Contact
or (800) 545-2433, option 5.


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  1. There has been such high demand for our “Intro to Spatial Literacy” course that we’ve increased the number of available seats and give you a bit more time to sign up! Individuals can still register online through this Sunday, Nov. 4. Groups interested in registering should contact or (800) 545-2433, option 5, for more information about how to sign up.

    More information about the course is at the bottom of this message. Here’s the registration link:

    Please share this message so that others can take advantage of this fantastic learning opportunity.

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