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Social Media in Reference
An eCourse with Sarah Steiner
Three-Week eCourse runs from October 29 through November 16

Too often chat, social media, and text-based reference services

operate without standards and policies. This eCourse will guide you in

writing useful, concise, legally-sound standards and guidelines for

providing reference through social media. Simply establishing basic

greeting, closing, and tone standards that reflect user expectations

will significantly improve user satisfaction. With a solid foundation

of best practices, and practical advice on implementation and

ongoing assessment, you and your colleagues will communicate

with library users in a consistent and reliable way.

Topics Include:

  • Adapting Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) standards

    and your own library’s reference standards to create

    guidelines for using social media in reference service

  • Learning how to communicate in a human, approachable,

    and professional manner via social media

  • Understanding key legal concepts that underlie virtual reference

    and social media policies

Sarah Steiner is the Social Work and Virtual Services Librarian at

Georgia State University Library in Atlanta. For the past six years, she

has been a leader in the library’s social media outreach, coordinating,

assessing, and regularly staffing the library’s chat and text-message

reference services.

Book as iPad App:  Multimedia, Multi-Touch E-Books and their Future in Libraries 
An eCourse with  Nicole Hennig 
Four-Week eCourse runs from October 15 through November 9

Your patrons trust your recommendations on what to read next, and as the

use of iPads proliferates, they will look to you for recommendations

on exemplary books as apps.

The best of this new breed of apps use the multimedia, multi-touch

capabilities of the iPad to extend the concept of the book, creating a

new immersive experience for readers.

In this eCourse Nicole Hennig, head of the user experience (UX) group

for the MIT Libraries, will:

  • Provide guidance for integrating iPads into your library’s programs

and services by facilitating demos of important titles from the most

innovative publishers

  • Offer benchmarks for evaluating book apps and writing reviews

of them

  • Lead you in conversation about book apps as you share your

reviews with the class

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