SCRLC webinar

SCRLC is delighted to present a new webinar, Screencasting, Tutorials, &
You, taught by Eric
Mahan Howd on Thursday, October 18, 2012 on a computer
near you. This
two-hour webinar will teach you to create your own
screencasts which are
effective, concise and give your users the help they
need wherever and whenever they need it. Have you’ve been puzzled by how to
share information
with remote users on using a database, showing a search
process, or
demonstrating software (citations? downloading ebooks?…)?
This session will
give you the skills to make it happen. Did you realize
that screencasting can
also be used for instruction? This session will
examine pedagogical purposes
for this medium as well. Complete details and
registration appear at

This workshop is appropriate for all librarians and staff,
especially those
who work with distance learning students and remote library
users. This
session is part of a 5-workshop series for library staff who
distance learners. Other sessions will address teaching information literacy
and communicating effectively with students/patrons who will never
come to
the library! Please help us to spread the word about this session
colleagues and co-workers who may be interested. Information about all
workshops and events is available on our website at