Purdue University Libraries Data Curation symposium

The Purdue University Libraries will be hosting a symposium on data curation, and the roles Data Curation Profiles might play in addressing issues related to research data on Monday September 24, 2012, from 9:00 am to 2:15 pm EST.

The physical event is by invitation only, but we invite you to watch a streaming video feed of the event through the following Windows Media Live Stream URL:


You must have Windows Media Player installed to view.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services funded grant, “Understanding Curation through the use of Data Curation Profiles” provided workshops in using the Profile to over 360 librarians. The goal of this project was to provide librarians with the knowledge, training and means to engage faculty in discussions about their research data, how they work with and manage their data, and their needs in organizing, sharing, publishing, or preserving this data. The symposium will be a wrap-up of the research that went into the project.

The schedule of panels and presentations is as follows:

•       Keynote Address:  “The Deluge of Data Metaphors: grappling with the meaning of data curation” (9:00 – 9:30am)

Chuck Humphrey, Data Library Coordinator from the University of Alberta Libraries.

•       Panel on the experiences of practitioners (9:30-10:30am)

Katie Dunn (RPI), Chris Eaker (University of Tennessee),  Daureen Nesdill (University of Utah), Lisa Zilinski (University of Southern Florida), Marianne Bracke (Purdue)

•       Panel on educational needs (10:45-11:30am)

Dr. Suzie Allard (University of Tennessee), Nabil Kashyap (University of Michigan), Elaine Martin (University of Massachusetts Medical School)

•      Panel on broader perspectives (11:30-12:15am)

Dianne Dietrich (Cornell University), Holly Surbaugh (Stratus Consulting), Dr. Nancy McGovern (MIT  via skype)

•       Presentation and discussion: What have we learned from the DCP Workshops? (12:30-1:30)

Jake Carlson & Scott Brandt (Purdue)

•       Panel on opportunities in the data curation landscape (1:30-2:15)

Rachel Frick (DLF), Chuck Thomas (IMLS via skype), Dr. Helen Tibbo (UNC-Chapel Hill)

The twitter hashtag for the event is #dcptoolkit.

No registration is required for viewing the video streaming.