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* Digital Copyright*

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April 1 – April 30, 2011
PDPs: 15

This four-week workshop gives students a hands-on, nonacademic view of copyright. Bring your own real-life scenarios for class discussion. Who owns the works I create? When can I use text, images and music created by others? Learn how to determine if an item is in the public domain. If it is not, learn how to determine if the library/archive or another user exception in copyright law allows your use. If the user exceptions don’t fit your need, learn how to make a good faith Fair Use evaluation. Finally, learn some tips about getting permission to use others’ works.

Assignments include: registering for a copyright, creating a creative commons license for a work you’ve created, searching the Copyright Clearance Center ( for permissions and designating a copyright agent with the Copyright Office (optional).

Threaded discussions with classmates and the instructor will be the primary means of teaching.

Instructor: Mary Minow, J.D., A.M.L.S. is a Library Law consultant at
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