Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Data Instructor: Nicole Engard

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Dates: March 15/16, 2011
Time:  10:00 AM to Noon Eastern

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Member price: $180/Non member price: $230

As web users become more savvy and demanding, libraries are looking for new ways to allow patron participation and keep their websites dynamically and collaboratively up-to-date. Mashups—web applications that combine freely available data from various sources to create something new—can be one very powerful way to meet patrons’ expectations and provide exemplary web-based service.

This is a two day, two hours each day live online class:

Nicole C. Engard, editor of “Library Mashups: Exploring new ways to deliver library data” (, will explain  what mashups are, how they can be used and share examples from libraries around the world.

Day One:
In the first half of this workshop, attendees will learn about some of the tools they can use to mash up library data with content from the web to reach more patrons. Examples include using maps to enhance library data, using Flickr for digital collections and creating library websites with data from several information sources.

After attending this talk, librarians will be able to:

  • Define what a mashup is and identify mashups on library sites and the web.
  • Find tools and APIs to gather data for their own library sites

Day Two:

After learning the basics and seeing examples from other libraries around the world, attendees will watch hands on examples of mashing up data with tools like Yahoo! Pipes, Delicious, Diigo, Flickr and others.

After attending this workshop, librarians will be able to:

  • Pull data from other sites into a your website
  • What mashups are, how they can be used and share examples from libraries around the world.

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