TLA Webinars coming up fast

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Seats are still available for several upcoming webinars from the Texas Library Association. Please register at

Friday, December 10, 2pm Central Time: Google Tools for Teaching and Learning
Google is not just another search engine. Discover Google’s fabulous components like Google Docs, Blogs, Maps, and more with popular tech guru Tammy Worcester. This program is not a commercial, but real training on these important online tools. Invoice available by request: $45 for TLA members, $55 for non-members, $35 per person in groups of 5 or more. One hour of CE credit will be offered.

Wednesday, January 12, 3:30pm Central Time: The Latest in Legislative News and Legislative Day, 2011
Join TLA Legislative Committee Chair, Joyce Baumbach; TLA Legislative Committee Vice-Chair Susan Mann; TLA Director of Communications Gloria Meraz, and TLA Policy Analyst Marty DeLeon for a discussion about the upcoming legislative session, issues, and advocacy opportunities. Bring your questions and ideas. The free webinar is intended for anyone interested in supporting libraries. Registration for each webinar is limited to the first 150 participants.

Tuesday, January 18, 2pm Central Time: The eBook Revolution
Downloadable content is the hot topic in libraries. While libraries are already providing many downloadable resources, publishing and copyright issues loom large – and potentially limiting for libraries of all types. Be sure to register for this webinar by Beverly Shirley, Danielle Plumer, and Russlene Waukechon. Learn more about eBooks, the current market, opportunities, challenges, and the library arena. One hour of CE credit will be offered. Free.

Thursday, January 20, 10am Central Time: Faculty-Librarian Collaborations at the University of Texas at Austin
Join Roxanne Bogucka and Michele Ostrow for a webinar on academic faculty and librarian collaborations. Learn more about their ongoing projects and how they are working to embed library services and programming into courses throughout the university. Bogucka covers how to identify and work faculty for extracurricular programming and identifying content to incorporate into collaborative programming. Ostrow will cover methods for collaborating with faculty to integrate information literacy into freshmen level courses and will discuss approaches that for getting information literacy written into curriculum at the department, school or university level. One hour of CE credit will be offered. Free.

Tuesday, February 22, 2pm Central Time: Collaborating for Texas Work Skills Development
Join TWDL team members for a webinar on this far-reaching program. Learn more about current and forthcoming training and resources, as well as discovering ways to market your library’s role in workforce development. One hour of CE credit will be offered. Free.

Thursday, February 24, 3:30pm Central Time: Have School Libraries Been Stamped with an Expiration Date?
Join Marty Rossi for a webinar on how school librarians can integrate and leverage technology to improve the learning process. Learn more about the issues identified in the Speak Up Survey and what technology resources and tools are available to encourage connections with teachers and engage students. One hour of CE credit will be offered. Free.