Webcast Alert!: Reference: The Missing Link in Discovery

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DATE: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | TIME: 2:00–3:00 PM ET | REGISTER FREE TODAY

Reference has never been in greater demand, as witnessed by the rise in Wikipedia and the prominence of reference results in Google and other search engines. Often students don’t know that reference is what they need. The challenge to library vendors and librarians is to build reference tools and services that bridge the gap between reference librarians’ expertise, the library’s extensive information resources and today’s users.

This lively panel discussion will look at the importance of helping users develop big picture and vocabulary contexts for their research. Without these as a starting point, students are overwhelmed by too much stuff and don’t have the vocabulary to query the professional literature and collections in their library. Addressing this problem is just what reference content, reference librarians and reference service have always been about.

A group of library and reference experts will envision ways to raise the profile of reference as the missing link in information discovery and overall research effectiveness:

  • How can reference content be put under students’ noses so it can be discovered without looking?
  • How can Google’s examples of “personalized search” be replicated by something Credo calls “librarianized search”?
  • What are the essential elements of context that students need so they can make best use of the power of discovery systems?

At Credo we continue to believe that the best things in online reference are yet to be invented and that, in many ways, the right questions have not been asked. Over the past several years we’ve been asking these questions, and what we’ve learned can fill the gap between where users are and the discovery tools and search systems that libraries provide. Credo will demonstrate some of the latest innovations we have developed to address the challenges facing librarians and users today. You just might find it to be the librarian’s answer to Wikipedia!

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