About the Library Professional Development Blog

Hello! I’ve started this blog as a place to collect and distribute all of the professional development opportunities that cross my desk as the leader of the Staff Development Team at Austin Community College. Feel free to submit any items to ecollier@austincc.edu.

I am not associated with any of these opportunities. Please follow the links in the posts for more information.


5 thoughts on “About the Library Professional Development Blog

  1. Ellie – Please let us know if there are CE topics that would be useful to the academic library community that the state library can deliver through webinars and/or in-person training. We are always looking for feedback on what library staff need / want to see in regards to CE, but do not always hear as much as we expect from the academic library community.

    • The most recent survey of my staff included customer service/how to deal with difficult people, using Create Lists in iii/Millennium, Photoshop, wiki editing, and conflict resolution. I think there’s also a need for teaching methods and seeing a variety of approaches to 1-shot information literacy sessions.

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